Planning Applications

Major IT issue – impact on planning decisions We are currently working to resolve an IT problem impacting a number of systems at the Council. This may last a few days. You can still submit planning applications to us, and comment on any applications that are currently being consulted on. However, we will not be issuing any new planning decisions until the IT issues are resolved. There will also be a delay before we begin to process any new applications that have just been submitted.

General Detail Search Fields

Please use the format S/####/yy* e.g. S/0123/10*
The * (wildcard) must be placed at the end as shown.

If using the Parish search criteria only please complete a date range to ensure a complete record return.

or containing text found in fields:

Date Range Search Fields

Use the calendar icons or enter the required date range - e.g. 30/04/2009 to 31/07/2010






The search will provide a range of information on current and decided applications since 1948. This includes a brief description of the development, reference number, decision and the date of decision. More recent applications show the name and telephone number of who is dealing with the application.

It should be remembered that no guarantee can be made as to the accuracy of results that are returned. We welcome any comments you may have on any aspect of the system.

The display of search results are presented in a collection of pages, the number of which depends on the number of results your search produces and is limited to no more than 500. Each page displays 10 results and each page number allows you to browse the next results.

HTS Name: wphappcriteria-default-datepicker.hts
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