Planning Applications

S/0696/98/F Extension 117, Pheasant Rise, Bar Hill, Cambridgeshire
S/0681/98/F Extension 69, Pheasant Rise, Bar Hill, Cambridgeshire
S/0581/98/F Extension 37, Pheasant Rise, Bar Hill, Cambridgeshire
S/0578/98/F Extension 28, Gladeside, Bar Hill, Cambridgeshire
S/0472/98/F Extension to Provide Disabled Toilet Bar Hill Farm House Bar Hill School Site Bar Hill Cambridgeshire
S/0470/98/F Variation of Conditions 1, 2, 7, 10, 12, 15 and 17 of Planning Permission S/1458 Tesco Bar Hill Village Centre Saxon Way Bar Hill Cambridgeshire
S/0417/98/F Extension 69, HOLLYTREES, Bar Hill, Cambridgeshire
S/0402/98/F Extension 2, Watermead, Bar Hill, Cambridgeshire
S/0381/98/A Sign Unit 3 Munro House Trafalgar Wat Bar Hill Cambridgeshire
S/0325/98/F Extension Little Chef Restaurant A14 Westbound Bar Hill Cambridgeshire

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