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Full Planning (Large Major)


Milton CP

24, Cambridge Science Park, Milton, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB4 0FN

Hybrid Planning Application comprising in Detail the demolition of the gym, Trinity Centre and Innovation Centre and the construction of hotel with gym, restaurant, café and business suite; and a building comprising multi-storey car park and three storey commercial floorspace (B1 floorspace to the first and second floor; flexible accommodation to the ground floor (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B1, D1 and/or D2)) along with associated access, infrastructure and landscaping, and the change of use of the Trinity Centre to B1 as part of a phased development; in Outline the construction of a building up to seven stories to provide B1floorspace, with all matters reserved.

Out for Consultation

Neighbours, Parish Councils and statutory bodies have been invited to comment on the application and express their views to assess whether the scheme is acceptable. The planning officer will visit the site for inspection and assess the surrounding area, whilst considering relevant policies and consultation responses. If necessary the officer will collect site specific information, for example by taking photographs. The planning officer will then assess the information collected.

Associated Media

Plans, drawings and other material submitted to the local authority are protected by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (section 47). You may only use material which is downloaded and/or printed for consultation purposes, to compare current applications with previous schemes and to check whether developments have been completed in accordance with approved plans. Further copies must not be made without the prior permission of the copyright owner.

Description Filename
Transport Assessment part 1 16-024-31F_Transport_Assessment_Part1.pdf
Transport Assessment part 10 16-024-31F_Transport_Assessment_Part10.pdf
Transport Assessment part 11 16-024-31F_Transport_Assessment_Part11.pdf
Transport Assessment part 12 16-024-31F_Transport_Assessment_Part12.pdf
Transport Assessment part 13 16-024-31F_Transport_Assessment_Part13.pdf
Transport Assessment part 14 16-024-31F_Transport_Assessment_Part14LR.pdf
Transport Assessment part 15 16-024-31F_Transport_Assessment_Part15.pdf
Transport Assessment part 16 16-024-31F_Transport_Assessment_Part16LR.pdf
Transport Assessment part 17 16-024-31F_Transport_Assessment_Part17.pdf
Transport Assessment part 18 16-024-31F_Transport_Assessment_Part18.pdf
Transport Assessment part 19 16-024-31F_Transport_Assessment_Part19.pdf
Transport Assessment part 2 16-024-31F_Transport_Assessment_Part2.pdf
Transport Assessment part 3 16-024-31F_Transport_Assessment_Part3.pdf
Transport Assessment part 4 16-024-31F_Transport_Assessment_Part4LR.pdf
Transport Assessment part 5 16-024-31F_Transport_Assessment_Part5.pdf
Transport Assessment part 6 16-024-31F_Transport_Assessment_Part6.pdf
Transport Assessment part 7 16-024-31F_Transport_Assessment_Part7LR.pdf
Transport Assessment part 8 16-024-31F_Transport_Assessment_Part8.pdf
Transport Assessment part 9 16-024-31F_Transport_Assessment_Part9.pdf
Travel Plan - Hotel 16-024-32A_Travel_Plan_-_Hotel.pdf
Travel plan - workplace (Commercial) 16-024-33A_Travel_Plan_-_Workplace_(Commercial).pdf
Proposed level 0 floor plan 170067-3DR-Z1-00-DR-A-11010.pdf
Proposed level 1 floor plan 170067-3DR-Z1-01-DR-A-11011.pdf
Proposed level 2 floor plan 170067-3DR-Z1-02-DR-A-11012.pdf
Proposed level 3 floor plan 170067-3DR-Z1-03-DR-A-11013.pdf
Proposed level 4 floor plan 170067-3DR-Z1-04-DR-A-11014.pdf
Proposed level 5 floor plan 170067-3DR-Z1-05-DR-A-11015.pdf
Proposed roof plan 170067-3DR-Z1-06-DR-A-11016.pdf
Proposed section 01 170067-3DR-Z1-XX-DR-A-12001.pdf
Proposed section 02 170067-3DR-Z1-XX-DR-A-12002.pdf
Proposed North and South Cladding 170067-3DR-Z1-XX-DR-A-13010.pdf
Proposed West Cladding and Curtain 170067-3DR-Z1-XX-DR-A-13011.pdf
Proposed East Cladding and Curtain 170067-3DR-Z1-XX-DR-A-13012.pdf
Planning Statement 20181204_Planning_Statement_Final.pdf
Existing site plan ; 1:1000 21642-A0-01-100_B.pdf
Existing site plan : 1:500 21642-A0-01-200_B.pdf
Application boundaries 21642-A0-03-099_B.pdf
Proposed site plan 1:1000 21642-A0-03-100_D.pdf
Wider proposed site plan 21642-A0-03-101_A_rs1.pdf
Proposed site plan 1:500 21642-A0-03-200_E.pdf
Proposed site plan 21642-A0-03-202A_rs1.pdf
Proposed illustrative site plan 21642-A0-03-203A_rs.pdf
Parameter plan 21642-A0-03-220_B(1).pdf
Parameter plan 21642-A0-03-220_B.pdf
PROPOSED SITE ELEVATIONS - South and East 21642-A0-03-300_B.pdf
PROPOSED SITE ELEVATIONS - North and west 21642-A0-03-301_B.pdf
Proposed site elevations south and east 21642-A0-03-310_C_rs.pdf
Existing mini masterplan Aerial view 1 21642-A0-12-100A_rs.pdf
Existing mini masterplan Aerial view 21642-A0-12-200A_rs.pdf
External south east view 21642-A0-12-400A.pdf
Office/retail - Proposed ground floor plan 21642-B1-00-100_F.pdf
Office/retail - Proposed first floor plan 21642-B1-00-101_E.pdf
Office/retail - Proposed second floor plan 21642-B1-00-102_E.pdf
Office/retail - Proposed roof plan 21642-B1-00-103_E.pdf
Proposed south elevation - inner and outer 21642-B1-04-100_F.pdf
Proposed North elevation 21642-B1-04-101_E.pdf
Proposed East and west elevations 21642-B1-04-102_E.pdf
Proposed south elevation - inner and outer (Coloured) 21642-B1-04-400_C.pdf
Proposed north elevation (Coloured) 21642-B1-04-401_B.pdf
Proposed east and west elevations (Coloured) 21642-B1-04-402_B_rs.pdf
Proposed short section 21642-B1-05-100_D.pdf
Proposed bay elevation - South 21642-B1-21-300_C.pdf
Proposed bay elevation - East 21642-B1-21-301_B_rs.pdf
Proposed bay elevation - West 21642-B1-21-302_B_rs.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 1 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part1.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 10 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part10.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 11 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part11.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 12 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part12.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 13 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part13.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 14 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part14.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 15 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part15.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 16 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part16_rs.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 17 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part17.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 2 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part2.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 3 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part3.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 13 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part13.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 14 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part14.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 15 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part15.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 16 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part16_rs.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 17 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part17.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 2 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part2.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 3 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part3.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 4 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part4.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 5 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part5.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 6 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part6.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 7 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part7.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 8 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part8.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 9 21642-RP-F04-010_C_Part9.pdf
Sustainability statement 24481-HM-HUB-ZZ_RP-SU-002_00_181126.pdf
Acoustic report 24481_HM_BLDG1_ZZ_RP_AC_180618_00_JR_JW.pdf
Tree survey and arboricultural Impact Assessment 6424_-_TS_AIA_-_Trinity_Centre_Cambridge_Science_Park_-_Rev_A__(November_2018).pdf
Tree survey and Aboricultural impact assessment report plan 6424-D_-_Trinity_Centre_Cambridge_Science_Park_-_TS_AIA__Rev_A.pdf
General arrangement plan 6424_001_General_Arrangement_Plan.pdf
General arrangement interim scheme 6424_002_GA_InterimScheme.pdf
Tree removal plan 6424_003_Tree_removal_plan.pdf
Illustrative masterplan 6424_004_illustrative_masterplan.pdf
Landscape sections 6424_005_Landscape_Sections.pdf
Illustrative masterplan interim 6424_006_illustrative_masterplan_Interim_Scheme.pdf
Site specific flood risk assessment 669179-MLM-ZZ-XX-RP-C-0005.01_rs.pdf
Site specific flood risk assessment 669179-MLM-ZZ-XX-RP-C-0005.02_rs.pdf
Phase 1 contamination assessment 776016-MLM-ZZ-XX-RP-J-0001-S2-C01_rs1.pdf
Air quality impact assessment part 1 776271-MLM-ZZ-XX-RP-J-0001-S2-C01_Part1.pdf
Air quality impact assessment part 2 776271-MLM-ZZ-XX-RP-J-0001-S2-C01_Part2.pdf
Air quality impact assessment part 3 776271-MLM-ZZ-XX-RP-J-0001-S2-C01_Part3.pdf
Air quality impact assessment part 4 776271-MLM-ZZ-XX-RP-J-0001-S2-C01_Part4.pdf
Air quality impact assessment part 5 776271-MLM-ZZ-XX-RP-J-0001-S2-C01_Part5.pdf
Archaeology report Albion_Archaeology_report_2018-32_v._1.3.pdf
Application form ApplicationFormNoPersonalData.pdf
Ecological report MKA_Ecology_Ltd_-_Trinity_Centre_-_Ecology_Technical_Note_for_EIA_Screening.pdf
Ecological report MKA_Ecology_Ltd_-_Trinity_Centre_Cambridge_Science_Park-_PEA_004.pdf
Health Impact Assessment 20190115_Health_Impact_Assessment.pdf
Historic England Comment Historic_England_Comments_Redacted.pdf
Police Architectural Liaision Officer comments PALO_comments_.pdf
National Grid comments NATIONAL_GRID_EA_TE_Z5_3NWP_015469_1_28896_1.pdf
Environment Agency comments EA_response.pdf
Development Officer (Health Specialist) comments HIA_Memo_S-4629-18-FL_-_.pdf
CIN advert CIN_advert.pdf
Natural England comments Natural_England_comments.pdf
LHA Comments 18-4629-FL_24,_Cambridge_Science_Park,_Milton.pdf
LLFA comments 201103494.pdf
Parish comments S462918FL.pdf
Sustainability comments 24_Cambridge_Science_Park_Milton_S.pdf
Landscape comments 4629_18_FL_Landscape.pdf
Redacted - Highway England comments Highways_England_comments_Redacted.pdf
Redacted- Highways England comments Highways_England_comments_Redacted.pdf
Archaeology comments Archaeology_comments_.pdf
Trees Comments Tree_Consultation_2019_02_21_-_S_4629_18_FL.pdf
County Council Transport Assets Team TA_Comments_462918_issued.pdf
Landscape comments 4629_18_FL_Landscape.pdf
Ecology comments 4629_18_FL_24_Cambridge_Sciennce_Park_-_Ecology.pdf
Contaminated Land comments 190327_Planning_Consultation_S-4629-18-FL_24_Cambridge_Science_Park.pdf
Redacted Highways England comments S-4629-18-FL_Rec_Redacted.pdf
Highways England Highways_England_Planning_Application_-_4629-18.pdf
Highways england comment redacted 16/05/2019 Highways_England_comment_Redacted.pdf
Highways England comments S-4629-18-FL_Rec.pdf
Amended Transport Assessment addendum 16-024-48A_CSP_Hub_Application_-_TA_Addendum.pdf
Amended Application boundary plan 21642-A0-03-099_D.pdf
Amended Proposed site plan 21642-A0-03-100_F.pdf
Amended wider proposed site plan 21642-A0-03-101_C.pdf
Amended proposed site plan 21642-A0-03-200_G.pdf
Amended proposed site plan 21642-A0-03-202_C.pdf
Amended illustrative site plan 21642-A0-03-203_C.pdf
Amended parameter plan 21642-A0-03-220_E.pdf
Amended proposed elevation plans 21642-A0-03-300_C.pdf
Amended proposed elevation plans 21642-A0-03-301_C.pdf
Amended proposed elevation plans 21642-A0-03-310_C.pdf
Amended southern site view 21642-A0-11-100_C.pdf
Amended proposed line aerial 21642-A0-12-400_B.pdf
Amended proposed ground floor plan 21642-B1-00-100_G.pdf
Amended proposed first floor plan 21642-B1-00-101_F.pdf
Amended proposed second floor plan 21642-B1-00-102_F.pdf
Amended proposed roof plan 21642-B1-00-103_F.pdf
Amended design and access statement addendum 21642-RP-F04-023_C.pdf
Amended hotel ground floor plan 21874-AUK-ZZ-00-DR-A-00100-S8-1.pdf
Amended hotel first floor plan 21874-AUK-ZZ-01-DR-A-00101-S8-1.pdf
Amended hotel second floor plan 21874-AUK-ZZ-02-DR-A-00102-S8-1.pdf
Amended hotel third floor plan 21874-AUK-ZZ-03-DR-A-00103-S8-1.pdf
Amended hotel fourth floor plan 21874-AUK-ZZ-04-DR-A-00104-S8-1.pdf
Amended hotel fifth floor plan 21874-AUK-ZZ-05-DR-A-00105-S8-1.pdf
Amended hotel roof plan 21874-AUK-ZZ-06-DR-A-00106-S8-1.pdf
Amended hotel elevation plan 21874-AUK-ZZ-XX-DR-A-04100-S8-1.pdf
Amended hotel elevation plan 21874-AUK-ZZ-XX-DR-A-04101-S8-1.pdf
Amended hotel elevation plan 21874-AUK-ZZ-XX-DR-A-04102-S8-1.pdf
Amended hotel elevation plan 21874-AUK-ZZ-XX-DR-A-04103-S8-1.pdf
Amended hotel elevation rendered plan 21874-AUK-ZZ-XX-DR-A-04110-S8-1.pdf
Amended hotel elevation rendered plan 21874-AUK-ZZ-XX-DR-A-04111-S8-1.pdf
Amended hotel elevation rendered plan 21874-AUK-ZZ-XX-DR-A-04112-S8-1.pdf
Amended hotel elevation rendered plan 21874-AUK-ZZ-XX-DR-A-04113-S8-1.pdf
Amended hotel elevation rendered plan 21874-AUK-ZZ-XX-DR-A-05100-S8-1.pdf
Amended hotel elevation rendered plan 21874-AUK-ZZ-XX-DR-A-05101-S8-1.pdf
Amended General Arrangement plan 6424_001_General_Arrangement_Plan.pdf
Amended GA Interim scheme 6424_002_GA_InterimScheme.pdf
Amended Tree removal plan 6424_003_Tree_removal_plan.pdf
Amended Illustrative masterplan 6424_004_illustrative_masterplan.pdf
Amended Illustrative masterplan no labels 6424_004_illustrative_masterplan_NO_LABELS.pdf
Amended Landscape sections 6424_005_Landscape_Sections.pdf
Amended Illustrative masterplan interim scheme 6424_006_illustrative_masterplan_Interim_Scheme.pdf
Amended Detailed tree planting proposal 6424_008_Detailed_Tree_Planting_Proposal.pdf
Amended Flood risk assessment 669179-MLM-ZZ-XX-RP-C-0004-Rev05.pdf
Amended Bat inspection survey Bat_Inspection_Survey_(July_2018).pdf
Health imapct assessment Health_Impact_Assessment_FINAL_20190423.pdf
Amended Ecology report MKA_Ecology_Ltd_-_Trinity_CSP_Hub_and_Hotel_-_Water_vole_letter_report_001.pdf
Amended Nocturnal bat survey Nocturnal_Bat_Survey_(July_2018).pdf
Amended Otter and water vole survey Otter_and_Water_Vole_Survey_(July_2018).pdf
Amended Preliminary ecological appraisal Preliminary_Ecological_Appraisal_(April_2018).pdf
Fire & Rescue Service Commets SKM1820033019082315302.pdf
Drainage comments 2019-08-24_S-4629-18-FL_24_Cambridge_Science_Park_Milton.pdf
LLFA comments 201104242.pdf
Environment agency comments EA_response.pdf
EA response amended EA_response_amended.pdf
Local Highway Authority comments 18-4629-FL_24,_Cambridge_Science_Park,_Milton_II.pdf
Sustainability Officer comments Sustainability_Officer_comments_.pdf
Ecology comments 4629_18_FL_24_Cambridge_Science_Park_-_Ecology_September_2019.pdf
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