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Outline Planning (Small Major)


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Land to the north of New Road and east o, Land Off, New Road, Over

Outline Planning Permission for up to 65 dwellings (including 40% affordable), A1 retail unit, planting and landscaping, informal open space, vehicular access point from new road and associated ancillary works. All matters to be reserved with the exception of the main vehicular site access.

Out for Consultation

Neighbours, Parish Councils and statutory bodies have been invited to comment on the application and express their views to assess whether the scheme is acceptable. The planning officer will visit the site for inspection and assess the surrounding area, whilst considering relevant policies and consultation responses. If necessary the officer will collect site specific information, for example by taking photographs. The planning officer will then assess the information collected.

Associated Media

Plans, drawings and other material submitted to the local authority are protected by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (section 47). You may only use material which is downloaded and/or printed for consultation purposes, to compare current applications with previous schemes and to check whether developments have been completed in accordance with approved plans. Further copies must not be made without the prior permission of the copyright owner.

Description Filename
Site boundary plan 02_Application_Site_Boundary_Plan.pdf
Development framework plan 03_Development_Framework_Plan.pdf
Affordable housing and sustainability 04_Planning_Affordable_Housing_and_Sustainability_Statement.pdf
Design and access statement 05_Design_and_access_Statement.pdf
Landscape and visual appraisal 06a_Landscape_and_Visual_Appraisal_part_1_of_2.pdf
Landscape and visual appraisal 06b_Landscape_and_Visual_Appraisal_part_2_of_2.pdf
Transport assessment 07a_Transport_Assessment_part_1_of_3.pdf
Transport assessment 07b_Transport_Assessment_part_2_of_3.pdf
Transport assessment 07c_Transport_Assessment_part_3_of_3.pdf
Travel plan 08_Travel_Plan.pdf
Ecological impact assessment 09_Ecological_Impact_Appraisal.pdf
Tree survey and aboricultural impact assessment 10_Tree_Survey_and_Arboricultural_Impact_Assessment.pdf
Flood risk assessment 11a_Flood_Risk_Assessment_part_1_of_6.pdf
Flood risk assessment 11b_Flood_Risk_Assessment_part_2_of_6.pdf
Flood risk assessment 11c_Flood_Risk_Assessment_part_3_of_6.pdf
Flood risk assessment 11d_Flood_Risk_Assessment_part_4_of_6.pdf
Flood risk assessment 11e_Flood_Risk_Assessment_part_5_of_6.pdf
Flood risk assessment 11f_Flood_Risk_Assessment_part_6_of_6.pdf
Air quality assessment 12_Air_Quality_Screening_Report.pdf
Noise assessment report 13_Noise_Assessment_Report.pdf
Archaeological desk based assessment 14_Archaeological_Desk_Based_Assessment.pdf
Heritage statement 15_Built_Heritage_Statement.pdf
Socio economic report and inforgraphic 16_Socio_Economic_Report_and_Infographic.pdf
Land contamination report 17a_Phase_1_Geo-Environmental_Report_part_1_of_2.pdf
Land contamination report 17b_Phase_1_Geo-Environmental_Report_part_2_of_2.pdf
Application form ApplicationFormNoPersonalData.pdf
Attachment summary AttachmentSummary.pdf
Fee calculation FeeCalculation.pdf
Police comments Police_comments.pdf
Environmental health - Air quality - Comments 171219-_S-4290-17-OL_New_Road_Over.pdf
Archaeology comments archaeology_comments_1.pdf
Natural England Comments Comments.pdf
Historic England Comments S429017OL_HERef_P00746330_L306148.pdf
CIN advert CIN_advert.pdf
Parish Council comments Parish_Council_comments.pdf
Neighbour comments = 35 Station Road Neighbour_comments_1.pdf
Neighbour comments Neighbour_comments_1.pdf
Neighbour comments Planning_Letter.doc
Neighbour objections - 19 New Road Neighbour_objections_.pdf
EA Response EA_response.pdf
Ecology comments 4290_17_OL_Land_North_of_New_Road_East_of_Station_Road_Ecology.pdf
Environment Agency comments EA_response.pdf
Neighbour comments - 2 Lowburyholme Road Neighbour_comments_.pdf
Tree officers comments Tree_Consultation_2018_01_03_-_S_4290_17_OL.pdf
Neighbour comments S_4290_17_OL_purton.docx
Neighbour comments Neighbour_comments_doc_format.doc
Contaminated land officer's comments 180104_Planning_Consultation_S-4290-17-OL_Land_N_of_New_Road_Over.pdf
Sport England comments Sport_England_comments.pdf
LLFA comments 201102319.pdf
Neighbour comments - 6 High Piece Crescent Neighbour_comments_10.pdf
Neighbour comments Planning_Application_Letter.doc
Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue comments SKM1820282018010813493.pdf
Transport assessment team comments CCC_North_of_Mill_Road_Over_10012018.pdf
Landscape officer's comments 4290_17_OL_Landscape.pdf
Ecology assessment 3363_01_EcIA_RevA.pdf
Drainage Comment 2017-12-19_S-4290-18-OL_Land_to_north_of_New_Road_Over.pdf
Local Highways Comments - Updated Land_Off_New_Road_Over_-_4290.pdf
LHA Hi_Ian_-_Message_from_LHA.pdf
Neighbour comments - 1 New Road Neighbour_comments_2.pdf
Neighbour comments - 4 Hemington Close Neighbour_comments_5.pdf
Neighbour objection S_4290_17_OL_Objection_letter_06-02-18.pdf
Neighbour comments - 51 Cromwell Park Neighbour_comments_11.pdf
Neighbour comments - 37 New Road Neighbour_comments_12.pdf
Neighbour comments - 10 New Road Neighbour_comments_13.pdf
Consultee Comments 549045_Consultee_Comments.pdf
Urban Design Comments Over-New_Rd_and_Station_Rd_.pdf
Neighbour comments - 20 New Road Neighbour_comments_11.pdf
S106 comments New_Road_Over_s106_request_from_Over_Day_Centre.pdf
Transport Assessment team comments CCC_North_of_New_Road_Over_05032018.pdf
Neighbour comments - 38 The Lanes Neighbour_comments_7.pdf
Neighbour comments - 13 Station Road Neighbour_comments_4.pdf
Neighbour comments 35 Station Road Neighbour_comments_4.pdf
S106 comments Section_106_officer_consultation_response_New_Road_Over.pdf
S106 officer comments Section_106_officer_consultation_response_New_Road_Over.pdf
Transport Addendum - AMENDED 20TH APR 18 - NPD 180328_Station_Road_Over_TA_Addendum_(with_Apps)_Redacted.pdf
Highways comments 17-4290-_OL_Land_to_the_north_of_New_Road_and_east_o,_Land_Off,_New_Road,_Over_II.pdf
Interested Party Comments REDACTED 4290-17_Interested_Party_Comments_Redacted.pdf
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