Planning Applications - Details

The proposed dwelling is located in close proximity to existing agricultural uses and buildings, and access space to both the dwelling and to those uses and buildings would be within a small area immediately adjacent to the proposed dwelling, with a substantial focal area for agricultural movement also immediately to the south of the dwelling. Likely routes of access for both vehicles and pedestrians using the host dwelling are in a shared space with no demarcated areas, and, in light of the scale of potential agricultural use, there could be a significant level of interaction between people unconnected with the agricultural business and the operational elements of an agricultural practice. This interaction is likely to result in situations that give potential rise to safety issues and would result in harm to safety of, particularly, future occupants. It is therefore considered the building would be undesirable to convert for residential purposes, and the proposal would therefore not accord with Schedule 2 Part 3 Class Q Para Q.2-(1)(e) of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 (as amended), of the National Planning Policy Framework 2018, particularly paragraphs 110 and 127(f).

HTS Name: wphappdetail05-default.hts
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