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Full Planning (Small Major)


Foxton CP

Land East of Fowlmere Road, Foxton

Construction of a new grain store and creation of an access from Fowlmere Road together with planting and formation of an acoustic bund.

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Description Filename
Application Form - Without Personal Data ApplicationFormNoPersonalData.pdf
How the fee was calculated FeeCalculation.pdf
A summary of the attachments in the proposal AttachmentSummary.pdf
Historic environment desk based assessment PCA_DBA_LandoffFolwmRdFoxton_R12989_v02.pdf
Tree Survey or Arboricultural implications 2280-EC-AR-ARB-SITE 2- TC-AS- 27-09-17-V2 - Fowlmere Road_p26-37.pdf
Tree Survey or Arboricultural implications 2280-EC-AR-ARB-SITE 2- TC-AS- 27-09-17-V2 - Fowlmere Road_p1-25.pdf
Grain store transport statement 1709-75 TS01 - Grain store Transport Statement.pdf
Location plan 2017-09-29-Thriplow-092-205-Grain-Store-OS-Site-Redline-Boundary.pdf
Sustainability appraisal 2017_10_03_Grain Store Sustainability Statement.pdf
Statement of community involvement 2017_10_03_SCI_p41-73.pdf
Statement of community involvement 2017_10_03_SCI_p1-40.pdf
Proposed site layout plan 2017-09-29-Thriplow-092-200-Grain-Store-Proposed-Site-Layout (Colour)-Reduced.pdf
Proposed grain hadling 15-203-12d V4 Duxford machinery bay-Layout1.pdf
Proposed revised layout 15-203-14r Thriplow V4 roof layout-Model.pdf
Building A plans and elevations 15-203-34w Thriplow bldg A V4-Layout1.pdf
Building D plans and elevations 15-203-36 Thriplow bldg D V2-Layout1.pdf
Building B plans and elevations 15-203-35 Thriplow bldg B V2-Layout1.pdf
Topographical survey 19245ea-09A(1).pdf
Topographical survey 19245ea-07A(1).pdf
Topographical survey 19245ea-06A(1).pdf
Topographical survey 19245ea-10A.pdf
Noise impact assessment RP01-17264 Rev 1 - Hill Residential Ltd - Land off Fowlmere Road Foxton - Noise Impact Assessment.pdf
Landscaping details LLA030rr Thriplow - Verified - View 09 - 15 Years Growth.jpg
Landscaping details LLA030rr Thriplow - Verified - View 08 - 15 Years Growth.jpg
Landscaping details LLA030rr Thriplow - Verified - View 07 - 15 Years Growth.jpg
Landscaping details LLA030rr Thriplow - Verified - View 06 - 15 Years Growth.jpg
Landscaping details LLA030rr Thriplow - Verified - View 04 - 15 Years Growth.jpg
Landscaping details LLA030rr Thriplow - Verified - View 01 - 15 Years Growth.jpg
Landscaping details LLA030rr Thriplow - Verified - View 09 - 5 Years Growth.jpg
Landscaping details LLA030rr Thriplow - Verified - View 08 - 5 Years Growth.jpg
Landscaping details LLA030rr Thriplow - Verified - View 07 - 5 Years Growth.jpg
Landscaping details LLA030rr Thriplow - Verified - View 06 - 5 Years Growth.jpg
Landscaping details LLA030rr Thriplow - Verified - View 04 - 5 Years Growth.jpg
Landscaping details LLA030rr Thriplow - Verified - View 01 - 5 Years Growth.jpg
Flood risk assessment SHF 1027 002 HY R 001 A - Folwmere Road Thriplow (IssuedV2)_p48-78.pdf
Flood risk assessment SHF 1027 002 HY R 001 A - Folwmere Road Thriplow (IssuedV2)_p47.pdf
Flood risk assessment SHF 1027 002 HY R 001 A - Folwmere Road Thriplow (IssuedV2)_p46.pdf
Flood risk assessment SHF 1027 002 HY R 001 A - Folwmere Road Thriplow (IssuedV2)_p43-45.pdf
Flood risk assessment SHF 1027 002 HY R 001 A - Folwmere Road Thriplow (IssuedV2)_p36-42.pdf
Flood risk assessment SHF 1027 002 HY R 001 A - Folwmere Road Thriplow (IssuedV2)_p1-35.pdf
Design & access statement Grain Store Appendix Final(1).pdf
Design & access statement Grainstore PDAS Final(1).pdf
Biodiversity survey and report 2280-EC-AR-PEA-TC-AS-29-09-17-V3-Grain Store Fowlmere.pdf
Highway Consultant Comments 17-3566_Highway_Consultant_Comments.pdf
Natural England Comment 228927_Response_Letter_3566.pdf
Contam Land Comments -3566-17-FL_Land_E_of_Fowlmere_Rd_Foxton.pdf
Sustainable Drainage Officer comments 2017-10-21_S-3566-17-FL_LEO_Fowlmere_Road_Foxton.pdf
CIN press advert CIN_advert.pdf
Ecology report 3566_17_FL_Land_East_of_Folmere_Road_-_Ecology.pdf
Trees Comment Tree_Consultation_2017_10_31_-_S_3566_17_FL.pdf
Local Flood Team 3566-_Local_Flood.pdf
Neighbour comments Neighbour_comments_2.pdf
Neighbour Comments - 7 Lower Street - Redact Neighbour_Comments__-_7_Lower_Street_Redacted.pdf
Neighbour Comments - Bacons Farm, Church Street - Redact Neighbour_Comments_-_Bacons_Farm,_Church_Street_Redacted.pdf
Neighbour comments - 12 Illingworth Way Neighbour_objections_.pdf
Objector Comments - 17, Fowlmere Road Objector_Comments.pdf
Objector Comments - Wetherlee Objector_Comments.pdf
Neighbour Objection - 29, fowlmere road - Redact neighbour_Objection.redact.pdf
Interested Party Comments - Rose Cottage, Interested_Party_Comments.pdf
Neighbour Objection - 2, Station Road - Redact neighbour_Objection.redact.pdf
Objector Comments - Linden House - Redact Objector_Comments.Redact.pdf
Objector Comments - 34, St Laurence Road - Redact objector_Comments.redact.pdf
Objector Comments - 20, ST LAURENCE ROAD- Redact Objector_Comments_Redact.pdf
Objector Comments - 1, CB22 6SZ Objector_Comments.pdf
Objector Comments - 13, CB22 6AD Objector_Comments.pdf
Interested Party Objections Comments - 35, High street Interested_Party_Objections_Comments.pdf
Objector Comments - 1 The Green - Redact objector_Comments.redact.pdf
Interested Party Objection Comments - 67, Station Rd Interested_Party_Comments.pdf
Neighbour Comments - Fairhaven, Neighbour_Comments.pdf
Interested Party Comments - 60, Station Rd Interested_Party_Comments.pdf
Objector Comments Objector_Comments.pdf
Objector Comments - ADDRESS Objector_Comments.pdf
Interested Party Mr_K.pdf
Neighbour Comments Bon.....pdf
Objector DB.pdf
Interested Party 3566_-_3.pdf
EA Response EA_response.pdf
Supporting Letter Letter_in_Support_of_Thriplow_Planning_Applications.pdf
Supporting Letter Support_letter..........pdf
Neighbour comments - 14 Folwmere Road, Thriplow MsLPravin,_comments_on_Thriplow_Grain_Store.doc.pdf
Parish Comments ssssS356617FL_Response_to_application_for_Grain_Store_16_Oct_17.pdf
Parish Comments Response_to_application_for_Grain_Store_16_Oct_17_Redacted.pdf
Interested party comments - 6 Laurence Road Interested_party_comments.pdf
Neighbour objections - 7 Church View Neighbour_objections_.pdf
Neighbour comments Neighbour_comments.pdf
Interested party comments - Unit 5 Burlington Park Interested_party_comments.pdf
Neighbour comments - 2 Brook Road Neighbour_comments_.pdf
Neighbour objections - 52 High Street Neighbour_objections.pdf
Neighbour comments - 9 The Triangle, Fowlmere Neighbour_comments_3.pdf
Neighbour comments Grain_store_objection.docx
Environmental & Public law Letter REDACTED 3566-17_Environmental_&_Public_Law_Letter_Redacted.pdf
Objectors Comments - 7 Illingworth Way. CB22 6RY 3566-17_Objectors_Comments.pdf
Objectors Comments - 8 Fowlmere Rd, CB2 6RT 3566-17_Objectors_comments.pdf
Neighbour comments - 6 Chardle Field Neighbour_comments_5.pdf
Neighbour comments Grain_store.docx
1 Fowlmere Road Thriplow Neighbour Comments Planning_Grain_Store.docx
Neighbour comments - 15 Fowlmere Road Neighbour_comments_6.pdf
Neighbour comments - 3 Thriplow Heath Neighbour_comments_9.pdf
Neighbour comments Grain_Store.pdf
Neighbour comments - 63 High Street Neighbour_comments_20.pdf
Neighbour comments - 1 West Hill Road Neighbour_comments_21.pdf
Neighbour comments - 63 High Street Neighbour_comments_22.pdf
Neighbour comments - Home Cottage Neighbour_comments_24.pdf
Neighbour comments - 18 High Street Neighbour_comments_27.pdf
Neighbour comments - 4 Edis Way Neighbour_comments_28.pdf
Neighbour comments S_3566_17_FL_Planning_proposal_for_Grain_Store_20171111.docx
Neighbour comments - 10 West Hill Road Neighbour_comments_31.pdf
Neighbour comments - Keeper's Cottage, 3 Thriplow Heath, Thriplow planning_comments.pdf
Neighbour comments - 25 Illingworth Way Neighbour_comments.pdf
Neighbour comments Factory.docx
Neighbour comments 25 Illingworth Way Neighbour_comments_2.pdf
Neighbour comments - 47 High Street Neighbour_comments.pdf
Neighbour Objection Comments - 36, CB22 6RY Neighbour_Objection_.pdf
Interested Party Comments - 129 Town Street, Newton Interested_Party_Comments.pdf
Neighbour Objection- 48 Fowlmere Road, Neighbour_Objection.pdf
Objector Comments Redact objector_Comments.redact.pdf
Neighbour support comments – 1 Beech Farm Cottage Thriplow_planning.pdf
Neighbour support Neighbour_support.pdf
Interested Party Comments Redact interested_Party_Comments.redact.pdf
Objector Comments Interested_Party_Comments.pdf
CPRE Cambs & P'boro Comments 3566-17_CPRE_Cambs_&_P'boro_Comments.pdf
Interested Party Comments 62 Fowlmere. CB22 6RX 3566-17_Interested_Party_Comments.pdf
Interested Party Comments 8, CB22 6SS 3566-17_Interested_Party_Objection_Comments.pdf
Neighbour Objection Comment 62 Fowlmere CB22 6RX 3566-17_Neighbour_Objections.pdf
Neighbour Objection Comments, 36, CB22 6RY 3566-17_Neighbours_Objections.pdf
Objection Comments - Fieldhouse, SG8 7QT 3566-17_Objection_Comments.pdf
Interested Party Objection - 52, CB22 6RP 3566-17_Objector_Comments.pdf
Objection Comments - 62a Fowlmere CB22 6RX 3566-17_Objectors_Comments.pdf
Neighbour comments - 8 Chardle Field 3566-17_Parish_Council_Comments.pdf
Neighbour Comments 3566.pdf
Foxton Parish Council Comments SSSS356617FL_Response.pdf
Neighbour Comments 35 School Lane, Thriplow S-3566-17-_35_School_Lane.pdf
Parish Council Comments REDACTED 3566-17_Parish_Council_Comments_Redacted.pdf
Neighbour objections - Rohan, Lynch Lane Neighbour_objections.pdf
Neighbour comments - 8 Chardle Field Neighbour_comments_.pdf
Neighbour Comment 3566.pdf
Neighbour Objection - 8 Chardle Field, Foxton Grain_store_objection.pdf
Mr R Stobbart- 2 Barons Lane, Foxton, CB22 6RU 3566....pdf
Neighbour Objection Letter Perrin.pdf
Neighbour comments FROST..............pdf
Mr Frost - Neighbour Comments GRAINS_STORE.pdf
Neighbour Comments STOBBERT.........pdf
Neighbour Comment RStobbert.......................pdf
Cadent and National Grid Plant Enquiry Response AT.pdf
Cadent and National Grid Plant Enquiry Response 3566-PIPE.pdf
Neighbour Comments- NAME Grain_store_objectionjas;;;;;;;;.pdf
Neighbour objections - 9 West Hill Road Neighbour_objections_.pdf
Neighbour objections - 2 Barons Lane Neighbour_objections_.pdf
Neighbour objections - 45 St Laurence Road Neighbour_objections.pdf
Neighbour objection - 13 Westhill Road Neighbour_objections_.pdf
Objector Comments - Fowlmere Road Objector_Comments.pdf
Neighbour Objection Comment - 4 Illingworth Way. CB22 6RY 3566-17_Neighbour_Objection_Comments.pdf
Neighbour comments - Barons Farmhouse, 2 Barons Lane Neighbour_comments_.pdf
Neighbour comments - Barons Farmhouse Neighbour_comments_.pdf
Neighbour comments - Russet House, Fowlmere Road Neighbour_comments_.pdf
Neighbour Comments – 40 Illingworth Way - Redact Comments_on_Planning_Applications_Redacted.pdf
Agents response 2017_12_13_Response_to_Council_re_EIA.pdf
Landscape and Visual Impact assessment 1968_A2_LVIA_17_12_05.pdf
Landscape and Visual Impact assessment 1968_A2_LVIA_Appendix_A1_17_12_06.pdf
Landscape and Visual Impact assessment 1968_A2_LVIA_Appendix_A2_17_12_06.pdf
Landscape and Visual Impact assessment 1968_A2_LVIA_Appendix_B_17_12_05.pdf
Landscape and Visual Impact assessment 1968_A2_LVIA_Appendix_C_17_12_05.pdf
Amended location plan 2017-11-02-Grain-Store-092-205-OS-Site-Redline-Boundary.pdf
Amended site plan 2017-12-11-Grain-Store-Black&White_Proposed_Site_Plan.pdf
Amended proposed site plan 2017-12-11-Grain-Store-Colour_Proposed_Site_Plan.pdf
Response to council 2017_12_11_Response_to_Council.pdf
Amended application form Amended_Application_Form.pdf
Drainage strategy Drainage_Strategy_Part_1_Pages_1_-_39.pdf
Drainage strategy Drainage_Strategy_Part_2_Pages_40_-_52.pdf
Drainage strategy Drainage_Strategy_Part_3_Pages_53-75.pdf
LLFA comments 201102261.pdf
Neighbour comments - 6 St Laurence Road Neighbour_comments_.pdf
Interested Party Objections Comments Redact interested_Party_Comments._redact.pdf
Neighbour comments - Wetherlee Neighbour_comments_8.pdf
Tree officer's comments Tree_Consultation_2017_12_27_-_S_3566_17_FL.pdf
Natural England comments Natural_England_comments.pdf
Ecology comments 3566_17_FL_Land_East_of_Folmere_Road_-_Ecology2.pdf
Local Highway Authority comments 17-3566-FL_Land_east_of_Fowlmere_Rd,_Foxton_II.pdf
Parish Council comments S356617FL_Land_East_of_Fowlmere_Road_Consultation_Amendment.pdf
Parish Council comments S356617FL_Land_East_of_Fowlmere_Road_Consultation_Amendment.pdf
Neighbour comments Neighbour_comments.pdf
Neighbour comments - 4 Illingworth Way Neighbour_comments_19.pdf
Neighbour comments - 45 St Laurence Road Neighbour_comments_1.pdf
Landscape officer's comments 3566_17_FL_Landscape.pdf
Parish comments SKM1820282018011113090.pdf
Ecology officer's comments 3566_17_FL_Land_East_of_Folmere_Road_-_Ecology3.pdf
Archaeological Officers Comments 3566-17_Archaeological_Officers_Comments.pdf
Archaeology comments Archaeology_comments.pdf
Interested Party Comments - Redact interested_Party_Comments.redact.pdf
Interested Party Comments - Redact - 40 Illingworth Way interested_Party_Comments.redact.pdf
Environmental Health comments Planning__Memo_-_Land_East_of_Fowlmere_Road_Foxton.pdf
Decision Notice Grain_Store_Decision_Notice.pdf
Appeal Form Redacted 01_APPEAL_FORM_-_3566-17_Redacted.pdf
LPA's Documents - Statement of Case Statement_of_case.doc
LPA's Documents - Local Plan Inspectors Report Final Appendix_1._SC_Local_Plan_Inspectors_Report_final.pdf
LPA's Documents - Suggested Conditions Appendix_3-suggested_conditions.doc
Environmental Agency EA_response.pdf
Environment agency comments EA_response.pdf
Statement _Planning_Appeal_Statement_As_Issued.pdf
Environment Agency comments EA_response.pdf
ADDITIONAL INFO - Grain Store-Proposed Site Layout Additional_Info_-_092-200-Grain-Store-Proposed-Site-Layout.pdf
ADDITIONAL INFO - Grain Store-Site Layout Colour Rev M small Additional_Info_-_092-201-Grain-Store-Site-Layout-Colour-Rev-M_small.pdf
ADDITIONAL INFO - Appendices 1-5 Additional_Info_-_Appendices_1-5_of_SoCG.pdf
ADDITIONAL INFO - Hearing Statement Additional_Info_-_Hearing_Statement.pdf
ADDITIONAL INFO - Signed Statement of Common Ground Additional_Info_-_Signed_Statement_of_Common_Ground_Redacted.pdf
ADDITIONAL INFO - Statutory Declaration Additional_Info_-_Statutory_Declaration_of_David_Walston_Redacted.pdf
ADDITIONAL INFO - Technical Addendum - Landscape Part 2 Additional_Info_-_Technical_Addendum_-_Landscape_Part_2.pdf
ADDITIONAL INFO - Technical Note Additional_Info_-_Technical_Note_-_Noise_Redacted.pdf
ADDITIONAL INFO - Technical Addendum - Landscape Part 1 Additional_Info_-_Technical_Addendum_-_Landscape_Part_1.pdf
Interested Party Comments - Redacted Interested_Party_Redacted.pdf
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