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Reserved Matters (Large Major)


Foxton CP Barrington CP

Barrington Cement Plant, Haslingfield Road, Barrington, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB22 7RQ

Application for approval of reserved matters for appearance, landscaping, layout and scale under planning permission S/0057/17/VC for development of 220 residential units

Out for Consultation

Neighbours, Parish Councils and statutory bodies have been invited to comment on the application and express their views to assess whether the scheme is acceptable. The planning officer will visit the site for inspection and assess the surrounding area, whilst considering relevant policies and consultation responses. If necessary the officer will collect site specific information, for example by taking photographs. The planning officer will then assess the information collected.

Associated Media

Plans, drawings and other material submitted to the local authority are protected by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (section 47). You may only use material which is downloaded and/or printed for consultation purposes, to compare current applications with previous schemes and to check whether developments have been completed in accordance with approved plans. Further copies must not be made without the prior permission of the copyright owner.

Description Filename
Planning Statement 17104_PS.pdf
Noise assessment report A3297_-_Barrington_Noise_Assessment_Report_2018-08-10.pdf
Appendix 1 Drainage strategy layout 2 of 3 Appendix_1_-_Drainage_Strategy_Layout_2_of_3.pdf
Application form ApplicationFormNoPersonalData.pdf
Attachment summary AttachmentSummary.pdf
Arboricultural impact assessment CEMEX_AIA_Rev_3_07.09.18.pdf
Landscape statement EA_1808_P_LS_Landscape_statement_REV_2_1-5.pdf
Landscape statement EA_1808_P_LS_Landscape_statement_REV_2_2-5.pdf
Landscape statement EA_1808_P_LS_Landscape_statement_REV_2_3-5.pdf
Landscape statement EA_1808_P_LS_Landscape_statement_REV_2_4-5.pdf
Landscape statement EA_1808_P_LS_Landscape_statement_REV_2_5-5.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations FB-A.cpe_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations FB-B.cpe_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations FB-C.cpe_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations FB-D.ce_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations FB-D.p_A.pdf
Energy statement Former_Barrington_Cement_Works_-_Energy_Statement_-_FINAL.PDF
Proposed plans and elevations GAR.01.pe_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations HT.B.ce1_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations HT.B.ce2_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations HT.C.cpe1_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations HT.C.cpe2_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations HT.F.cpe1_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations HT.F.cpe2_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations HT.G.cpe1_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations HT.G.cpe2_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations HT.H.cpe1_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations HT.H.cpe2_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations HT.J.ce_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations HT.J.p_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations HT.K.cpe1_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations HT.Q.ce_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations HT.Q.p_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations HT.S.ce_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations HT.S.p_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations HT.U.cpe1_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations HT.U.cpe2_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations P116-120_HT.Q-R5.ce_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations P116-120_HT.Q-R5.p_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations P129-134_HT.Q-R6.ce_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations P129-134_HT.Q-R6.p_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations P138-140_135-137_HT.Q-R3.ce_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations P138-140_135-137_HT.Q-R3.p_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations P147-149_HT.O-P3.ce_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations P147-149_HT.O-P3.p_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations P150-153_183-186_212-215_HT.Q-R4.ce_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations P150-153_183-186_212-215_HT.Q-R4.p_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations P3-7_8-12_187-191_HT.O-P5.ce_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations P3-7_8-12_187-191_HT.O-P5.p_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations P97-100_HT.O-P4.ce_A.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations P97-100_HT.O-P4.p_A.pdf
Phase 2 ecology surveys Phase_2_Ecology_Surveys_CEMEX_Barrington_Aug_2018_Final.pdf
Street elevations 01 REDR170323_CSE.01_A.pdf
Street elevations 02 REDR170323_CSE.02_A.pdf
Design and access statement REDR170323_DAS-01_07_09_18.pdf
site layout 1 of 2 REDR170323_SL.01_A.pdf
site layout 2 of 2 REDR170323_SL.02_A.pdf
Crime prevention officer comments Crime_prevention_comments.pdf
Drainage consultant's comments 2018-09-29_S-3485-18-RM_Barrington_Cement_Plant_Haslingfield_Road.pdf
Interested Party Comments Interested_Party_Comments_1.pdf
Local Higway Comments 18-3485-RM_Barrington_Cement_Plant_Haslingfield_Road_Barrington_II.pdf
Natural England Comments Natural_England_Comments.pdf
Ecology Comments 3485_18_RM_Barrington_Cement_Works_-_Ecology.pdf
Historic England Comments W_HERef_P00971952_326006_S348518RM.pdf
Interested Party Comments Interested_Party_Comments.pdf
Wild Trust Comments Wild_Trust_Comments_.pdf
Tree officer comments Tree_Consultation_2018_10_15_-_S_3485_18_RM.pdf
LLFA Comments 201103231.pdf
Sustainability Officer Comments Sustainability_Officer_Comments_.pdf
EA Respose EA_response.pdf
Contaminated land comments Barrington_Cement_Plant.pdf
Environment agency comments EA_response.pdf
Urban design comments Barrington_Cement_Works_-RM_comments(1)_-UD.pdf
General Comment 3485-18_Redacted.....pdf
Parish Council Parish_Council_repsonse_25_Oct_18.pdf
Definitive map team comments Definitive_map_team_comments.pdf
Parish comments SKM1820033018103015452.pdf
EHO - Air Quality 181112__S-3485-18-RM_Barrington_Cement_Plant,_Barrington.pdf
EHO - Air Quality comments EHO_-_Air_quality_comments_.pdf
Drawing register EA_1808_Barrington_Drawing_Register_-_Planning.pdf
General arranegemnt boundary plan EA_1808_P_150_GENERAL_ARRANGEMENT_BOUNDARY_TREATMENTS.pdf
Landscape planning response EA_1808_P_DCR_Landscape_Planning_Response_District_Council.pdf
Block A elevations Sheet 1 of 2 FB-A.e1_C.pdf
Block B elevations sheet 1 of 2 FB-B.e1_C.pdf
Block C elevations sheet 1 of 2 FB-C.e1_C.pdf
Block C floor plans sheet 3 of 3 FB-C.P3_C.pdf
Block D coloured elevations FB-D.ce_B.pdf
Block D elevations FB-D.e_B.pdf
Double garage floor plans and elevations GAR.03.pe_B.pdf
Twin garage/sales office plans and elevations GAR.04.pe_B.pdf
House type A elevations HT.A.e_B.pdf
House type B elevations HT.B.e_B.pdf
House type C plans and elevations HT.C.pe_B.pdf
House type D plans and elevations HT.D.pe_B.pdf
House type E plans and elevations HT.E.pe_B.pdf
House type F plans and elevations HT.F.pe_B.pdf
House type G plans and elevations HT.G.pe_B.pdf
House type H plans and elevations HT.H.pe_C.pdf
House type K plans and elevations 1 HT.K.pe1_C.pdf
House type K plans and elevations 2 HT.K.pe2_C.pdf
House type L elevations HT.L.e_B.pdf
House type M elevations HT.M.e_B.pdf
House type N elevations HT.N.e_B.pdf
House type O plot 4 coloured elevations HT.O-P4.ce_C.pdf
House type O plot 4 elevations HT.O-P4.e_C.pdf
House type O plot 4 floor plans HT.O-P4.p_B.pdf
House type O plot 5 elevations HT.O-P5.e_C.pdf
House type O elevations HT.O.e_C.pdf
House type Q elevations HT.Q-R3.e_C.pdf
House type Q coloured elevations HT.Q-R4.ce_C.pdf
House type Q elevations HT.Q-R4.e_C.pdf
House type Q floor plans 1 HT.Q-R4.p1_C.pdf
House type Q floor plans 2 HT.Q-R4.p2_B.pdf
House type Q elevations HT.Q-R5.e_C.pdf
House type Q elevations HT.Q.e_C.pdf
House type T plans ane elevations 1 HT.T.pe1_C.pdf
House type T plans and elevations 2 HT.T.pe2_C.pdf
House type U plans and elevations HT.U.pe_C.pdf
Drawing issue sheet Rev B REDR170323_Drawing_Issue_Sheet_Rev_B.pdf
Additional plan REDR170323_GAP01_A.pdf
Redacted Historic England comments S348518RM_HERef_P01014370_L335146_Redacted.pdf
Police Architectural Liaision Officer comments PALO_comments_.pdf
Natural England comments Natural_England_comments_.pdf
CIN advert CIN_advert.pdf
CIN advert CIN_advert.pdf
Parish Council comments - Foxton Parish_Council_comments.pdf
Local Lead Flood Authority comments 201103453.pdf
Interested party comments TRMMZLQN_-_Form_1.pdf
Highways comments 18-3485-RM_Barrington_Cement_Plant,_Haslingfield_Road,_Barrington_III.pdf
Historic Building officer's comments Barrington_Cement_Plant.pdf
Archaeology comments Archaeology_comments_.pdf
Contamland Comments Contamland_Comments_.pdf
Housing comments Housing_comments_1_March_19.docx
waste comments Waste_CCC.msg
Housing Development Officer comments Cemex_Site_Barrington_consult_2.pdf
Drainage comments Drainage_comments.pdf
Ecology comments 3485_18_RM_Barrington_Cement_Works_-_Ecology_17012019.pdf
landscaping comments FINAL_Landscape_Planning_Response_-_Barrington_Cement_Works_220219.pdf
Urban Design comments Barrington_Cement_Works_-RM_comments_on_revised_submission_.pdf
Drainage strategy AMENDED 7048_-_2019.03.26_-_Drainage_Strategy_and_SUDS_Report_-_REV_D.pdf
Appendix 1 Drainage strategy layout 1 of 3 AMENDED Appendix_1_-_Drainage_Strategy_Layout_1_of_3.pdf
Appendix 1 Drainage strategy layout 2 of 3 AMENDED Appendix_1_-_Drainage_Strategy_Layout_2_of_3.pdf
Appendix 1 Drainage strategy layout 3 of 3 AMENDED Appendix_1_-_Drainage_Strategy_Layout_3_of_3.pdf
Appendix 1 Exceedence Flow Routes and Overland cut off Ditches Appendix_1_-_Exceedence_Flow_Routes_And_Overland_Cut_Off_Ditches.pdf
Appendix 2 Topographical survey sheet 1 of 2 AMENDED Appendix_2_-_Topographical_Survey_1_of_2.pdf
Appendix 2 Topographical survey sheet 2 of 2 AMENDED Appendix_2_-_Topographical_Survey_2_of_2.pdf
Appendix 3 Greenfield runoff estimation for sites AMENDED Appendix_3_-_HRWallingford_Greenfield_Run-Off_Rates.pdf
Appendix 4 Causeway flow calculations foulwater AMENDED Appendix_4_-_Causeway_Flow_Foulwater_Network.pdf
Appendix 4 Causeway flow calculations northern stormwater Appendix_4_-_Causeway_Flow_Northern_Storm_Water_Network.pdf
Appendix 4 Causeway flow calculations Southern stormwater Appendix_4_-_Causeway_Flow_Southern_Stormwater_Network.pdf
Bin store-cycle store - plans and elevations AMENDED BS-CS.01.pe_B.pdf
Refuse vehicle swept path 1 of 2 AMENDED C7048_-_CE10B-_Refuse_Vehicle_Swept_Path_1_of_2.pdf
Refuse vehicle swept path 2 of 2 AMENDED C7048_-_CE11B-_Refuse_Vehicle_Swept_Path_2_of_2.pdf
Junction visibility plan 1 of 2 AMENDED C7048_-_CE12B_-_Junction_Visibility_Plan_1_of_2.pdf
Junction visibility plan 2 of 2 AMENDED C7048_-_CE13B_-_Junction_Visibility_Plan_2_of_2.pdf
Exceeded Flow Routes C7048_-_CE15A-_Exceedence_Flow_Routes_And_Overland_Cut_Off_Ditches.pdf
Road Layout C7048_-_CE18A_-_Road_Dimension_Layout_1_of_2.pdf
Road Layout C7048_-_CE19A_-_Road_Dimension_Layout_2_of_2.pdf
Drainage strategy layout plan 1 of 3 - AMENDED C7048_-_CE5E-_Drainage_Strategy_Layout_1_of_3.pdf
Drainage strategy layout plan - 2 of 3 - AMENDED C7048_-_CE6E-_Drainage_Strategy_Layout_2_of_3.pdf
Drainage strategy layout plan - 3 of 3 - AMENDED C7048_-_CE7D-_Drainage_Strategy_Layout_3_of_3.pdf
Fire appliance swept path 1 of 2 AMENDED C7048_-_CE8B-_Fire_Appliance_Swept_Path_1_of_2.pdf
Fire appliance swept path 2 of 2 AMENDED C7048_-_CE9B-_Fire_Appliance_Swept_Path_2_of_2.pdf
Proposed Limit of Adoption Plan C7048_-_CSK19A_-_Proposed_Limit_of_Adoption_Plan.pdf
General arrangement illustartive plan AMENDED EA_1808_P_100_GENERAL_ARRANGEMENT_ILLUSTRATIVE_MASTERPLAN.pdf
General arrange ment plan AMENDED EA_1808_P_101_GENERAL_ARRANGEMENT_PLAN.pdf
General arrangement legend AMENDED EA_1808_P_110_GENERAL_ARRANGEMENT_LEGEND_and_KEY_PLAN.pdf
Landscape plan sheet 1 of 6 AMENDED EA_1808_P_111_LANDSCAPE_PLAN_SHEET_1_OF_6.pdf
Landscape plan sheet 2 of 6 AMENDED EA_1808_P_112_LANDSCAPE_PLAN_SHEET_2_OF_6.pdf
Landscape plan sheet 3 of 6 AMENDED EA_1808_P_113_LANDSCAPE_PLAN_SHEET_3_OF_6.pdf
Landscape plan sheet 4 of 6 AMENDED EA_1808_P_114_LANDSCAPE_PLAN_SHEET_4_OF_6.pdf
Landscape plan sheet 5 of 6 AMENDED EA_1808_P_115_LANDSCAPE_PLAN_SHEET_5_OF_6.pdf
Landscape plan sheet 6 of 6 AMENDED EA_1808_P_116_LANDSCAPE_PLAN_SHEET_6_OF_6.pdf
Detailed general arrangement AMENDED EA_1808_P_120_DETAILED_GENERAL_ARRANGMENT_LEGEND_and_KEY.pdf
Detailed landscape plan sheet 1 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_121_DETAILED_LANDSCAPE_PLAN_SHEET_1_OF_13.pdf
Detailed landscape plan sheet 2 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_122_DETAILED_LANDSCAPE_PLAN_SHEET_2_OF_13.pdf
Detailed landscape plan sheet 3 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_123_DETAILED_LANDSCAPE_PLAN_SHEET_3_OF_13.pdf
Detailed landscape plan sheet 4 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_124_DETAILED_LANDSCAPE_PLAN_SHEET_4_OF_13.pdf
Detailed landscape plan sheet 5 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_125_DETAILED_LANDSCAPE_PLAN_SHEET_5_OF_13.pdf
Detailed landscape plan sheet 6 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_126_DETAILED_LANDSCAPE_PLAN_SHEET_6_OF_13.pdf
Detailed landscape plan sheet 7 of 13 EA_1808_P_127_DETAILED_LANDSCAPE_PLAN_SHEET_7_OF_13.pdf
Detailed landscape plan sheet 8 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_128_DETAILED_LANDSCAPE_PLAN_SHEET_8_OF_13.pdf
Detailed landscape plan sheet 9 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_129_DETAILED_LANDSCAPE_PLAN_SHEET_9_OF_13.pdf
Detailed landscape plan sheet 10 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_130_DETAILED_LANDSCAPE_PLAN_SHEET_10_OF_13.pdf
Detailed landscape plan sheet 11 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_131_DETAILED_LANDSCAPE_PLAN_SHEET_11_OF_13.pdf
Detailed landscape plan sheet 12 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_132_DETAILED_LANDSCAPE_PLAN_SHEET_12_OF_13.pdf
Detailed landscape plan sheet 13 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_133_DETAILED_LANDSCAPE_PLAN_SHEET_13_OF_13.pdf
Open space planting schedule AMENDED EA_1808_P_200_OPEN_SPACE_PLANTING_SCHEDULE.pdf
Open space planting plan sheet 1 of 5 AMENDED EA_1808_P_201_OPEN_SPACE_PLANTING_PLAN_SHEET_1_OF_5.pdf
Open space planting plan sheet 2 of 5 AMENDED EA_1808_P_202_OPEN_SPACE_PLANTING_PLAN_SHEET_2_OF_5.pdf
Open space planting plan sheet 3 of 5 AMENDED EA_1808_P_203_OPEN_SPACE_PLANTING_PLAN_SHEET_3_OF_5.pdf
Open space planting plan sheet 4 of 5 AMENDED EA_1808_P_204_OPEN_SPACE_PLANTING_PLAN_SHEET_4_OF_5.pdf
Open space planting plan sheet 5 of 5 AMENDED EA_1808_P_205_OPEN_SPACE_PLANTING_PLAN_SHEET_5_OF_5.pdf
Residential planting schedule and key AMENDED EA_1808_P_220_RESIDENTIAL_PLANTING_SCHEDULE_AND_KEY.pdf
Residential planting schedule sheet 1 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_221_RESIDENTIAL_PLANTING_PLAN_SHEET_1_OF_13.pdf
Residential planting schedule sheet 2 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_222_RESIDENTIAL_PLANTING_PLAN_SHEET_2_OF_13.pdf
Residential planting schedule sheet 3 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_223_RESIDENTIAL_PLANTING_PLAN_SHEET_3_OF_13.pdf
Residential planting schedule sheet 4 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_224_RESIDENTIAL_PLANTING_PLAN_SHEET_4_OF_13.pdf
Residential planting schedule sheet 5 of 13 EA_1808_P_225_RESIDENTIAL_PLANTING_PLAN_SHEET_5_OF_13.pdf
Residential planting schedule sheet 6 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_226_RESIDENTIAL_PLANTING_PLAN_SHEET_6_OF_13.pdf
Residential planting schedule sheet 7 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_227_RESIDENTIAL_PLANTING_PLAN_SHEET_7_OF_13.pdf
Residential planting schedule sheet 8 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_228_RESIDENTIAL_PLANTING_PLAN_SHEET_8_OF_13.pdf
Residential planting schedule sheet 9 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_229_RESIDENTIAL_PLANTING_PLAN_SHEET_9_OF_13.pdf
Residential planting schedule sheet 10 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_230_RESIDENTIAL_PLANTING_PLAN_SHEET_10_OF_13.pdf
Residential planting schedule sheet 11 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_231_RESIDENTIAL_PLANTING_PLAN_SHEET_11_OF_13.pdf
Residential planting schedule sheet 12 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_232_RESIDENTIAL_PLANTING_PLAN_SHEET_12_OF_13.pdf
Residential planting schedule sheet 13 of 13 AMENDED EA_1808_P_233_RESIDENTIAL_PLANTING_PLAN_SHEET_13_OF_13.pdf
Wetlands section plan 1 of 2 EA_1808_P_500_Wetland_Sections_1_of_2.pdf
Wetlands section plan 2 of 4 EA_1808_P_501_Wetland_Sections_2_of_4.pdf
Boundary Fence Detail EA_1808_P_600_BOUNDARY_TYPE_01_CLOSEBOARD_FENCE_DETAIL.pdf
Boundary Brick Wall Detail EA_1808_P_601_BOUNDARY_TYPE_02_SCREEN_BRICK_WALL_DETAIL.pdf
Boundary Knee Rail EA_1808_P_602_BOUNDARY_TYPE_03_TIMBER_KNEE_RAIL.pdf
Boundary Post and Rail Detail EA_1808_P_603_BOUNDARY_TYPE_04_TIMBER_POST_AND_RAIL_DETAIL.pdf
Typical tree pit in soft detail type 01 AMENDED EA_1808_P_700_TYPICAL_TREE_PIT_IN_SOFT_DETAIL_TYPE_01.pdf
Typical tree pit in soft detail type 02 AMENDED EA_1808_P_701_TYPICAL_TREE_PIT_IN_SOFT_DETAIL_TYPE_02.pdf
Typical tree pit in hard detail AMENDED EA_1808_P_702_TYPICAL_TREE_PIT_IN_HARD_DETAIL.pdf
Typical planting bed details AMENDED EA_1808_P_703_TYPICAL_PLANTING_BED_DETAILS.pdf
Block A floor plans sheet 3 of 3 AMENDED FB-A.ce1_D.pdf
Block A elevations Sheet 2 of 2 AMENDED FB-A.e2_C.pdf
Block A floor plans sheet 1 of 3 AMENDED FB-A.P1_C.pdf
Block A floor plans sheet 2 of 3 AMENDED FB-A.P2_C.pdf
Block A floor plans sheet 3 of 3 AMENDED FB-A.P3_C.pdf
Block B coloured elevations AMENDED FB-B.ce1_D.pdf
Block B elevations sheet 2 of 2 AMENDED FB-B.e2_D.pdf
Block B floor plans sheet 1 of 3 AMENDED FB-B.P1_D.pdf
Block B floor plans sheet 2 of 3 AMENDED FB-B.P2_D.pdf
Block B floor plans sheet 3 of 3 AMENDED FB-B.P3_D.pdf
Block C coloured elevations AMENDED FB-C.ce1_D.pdf
Block C elevations sheet 2 of 2 AMENDED FB-C.e2_D.pdf
Block C floor plans sheet 1 of 3 AMENDED FB-C.P1_D.pdf
Block C floor plans sheet 2 of 3 AMENDED FB-C.P2_D.pdf
Block C floor plans sheet 3 of 3 AMENDED FB-C.P3_D.pdf
Block D floor plans AMENDED FB-D.p_B.pdf
Coloured Elevations FB-E.ce_A.pdf
Elevations 2 of 2 FB-E.e2_A.pdf
Floor Plans 1 of 2 FB-E.p1_A.pdf
Floor Plans 2 of 2 FB-E.p2_A.pdf
Single garage floor plans and elevations AMENDED GAR.01.pe_C.pdf
Twin garage floor plans and elevations AMENDED GAR.02.pe_C.pdf
House type A coloured elevations AMENDED HT.A.ce_C.pdf
Proposed plans and elevations AMENDED HT.A.p_B.pdf
House type B coloured elevations AMENDED HT.B.ce_C.pdf
House type B floor plans AMENDED HT.B.p_C.pdf
House type C coloured plans and elevations AMENDED HT.C.cpe_C.pdf
House type D Coloured plans and elevations AMENDED HT.D.cpe_C.pdf
House type E coloured plans and elevations AMENDED HT.E.cpe_C.pdf
House type F coloured plans and elevations AMENDED HT.F.cpe_C.pdf
House type G coloured plans and elevations AMENDED HT.G.cpe_C.pdf
House type H Coloured plans and elevations AMENDED HT.H.cpe_D.pdf
House type H Coloured plans and elevations AMENDED HT.K.cpe1_D.pdf
House type K coloured plans and elevations 2 AMENDED HT.K.cpe2_D.pdf
House type L coloured elevations AMENDED HT.L.ce_C.pdf
House type L floor plans AMENDED HT.L.p_C.pdf
House type M coloured elevations AMENDED HT.M.ce_C.pdf
House type M floor plans AMENDED HT.M.p_C.pdf
House type N coloured elevations AMENDED HT.N.ce_C.pdf
House type N floor plans AMENDED HT.N.p_D.pdf
House type O plot 5 coloured elevations AMENDED HT.O-P5.ce_D.pdf
House type O plot 5 floor plans AMENDED HT.O-P5.p_D.pdf
House type O coloured elevations AMENDED HT.O.ce_D.pdf
House type O floor plans AMENDED HT.O.p_B.pdf
House type Q coloured elevations AMENDED HT.Q-R3.ce_D.pdf
House type Q floor plans 1 AMENDED HT.Q-R3.p1_D.pdf
House type Q floor plans 2 AMENDED HT.Q-R3.p2_C.pdf
House type Q Coloured elevations AMENDED HT.Q-R5.ce_D.pdf
House type Q floor plans 1 AMENDED HT.Q-R5.p1_C.pdf
House type Q floor plans 2 AMENDED HT.Q-R5.p2_B.pdf
House type Q Coloured elevations AMENDED HT.Q.ce_D.pdf
House type Q floor plans AMENDED HT.Q.p_D.pdf
House type T coloured plans and elevations 1 AMENDED HT.T.cpe1_D.pdf
House type T coloured plans and elevations 2 AMENDED HT.T.cpe2_D.pdf
House type U coloured plans and elevations AMENDED HT.U.cpe_D.pdf
House Type V Coloured Elevations HT.V-P4.ce_A.pdf
House Type V floor plans HT.V-P4.p_A.pdf
House Type V Coloured Elevations HT.V.ce_A.pdf
House Type V Floor Plans HT.V.p_A.pdf
Accommodation Schedule - lower parcel REDR170323_-_SL01_Accommodation_Schedule_Rev_E_(Lower_Parcel).pdf
Accommodation schedule - upper parcel REDR170323_-_SL02_Accommodation_Schedule_Rev_E_(Upper_Parcel).pdf
Additional plan AMENDED REDR170323_AHL01_C.pdf
Boundary and dwelling materials layout AMENDED REDR170323_BDML01_E.pdf
colour site layout AMENDED REDR170323_CSL.03_E.pdf
Location plan AMENDED REDR170323_LP01_A.pdf
Refuse Strategy Plan AMENDED REDR170323_RSP01_A.pdf
Street elevations 01AMENDED REDR170323_SE.01_C.pdf
Street elevations 02 AMENDED REDR170323_SE.02_B.pdf
Additional plan AMENDED REDR170323_SL.01_K.pdf
Additional plan AMENDED REDR170323_SL.02_H.pdf
Parish Comments 3485.pdf
Archaeology comments Archaeology_comments_.pdf
Natural England Comments 3485.pdf
Historic England Comments W_HERef_P01061052_342479_S348518RM_Redacted.pdf
Wetland section AMENDED EA_1808_P_502_WETLAND__BUND_SECTIONS_3_OF_3.pdf
Parish Council Barrington_Parish_Council.pdf
Parish Council - Redacted HVNGRKZJ_-_Form_Parish_Council_-_Redacted.pdf
Parish Council BPC_Exhibition_Feedback_re_Redrow_Reserved_Matters_3485-18.pdf
Parish Coundil RESERVED_matters_amended_responsemay19rk3485_3485-18__PC.pdf
Sustainable Energy Barrington_Cement_Plant_S142719RM_Sustainable_Energy.msg
Highway Comments 18-3485-RM_Barrington_Cement_Plant_Haslingfield_Road_Barrington_4_Highways_May_19.pdf
Urban Design S_3485_18_RM_Joint_comments_230419_Apr_19.pdf
Housing Cemex_Site_Barrington_consult_3_Housing_Apr_19.docx
Drainage consultant's comments 2019-04-13_S-3485-18-RM_Barrington_Cement_Plant_Haslingford_Road_Barrington.pdf
Sport England comments Sport_England.pdf
Cambridge Constabulary Cambridge_Constabulary_3485-18_2.pdf
Parish Comments RESERVED_matters_amended_responsemay19rk3485.pdf
HTS Name: wphappdetail03-default.hts
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