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Full Planning (Small Major)

Fulbourn CP

Land at Fulbourn Social Club, Capital Park, Cambridge Road, FULBOURN, CB21 5BQ

Demolition of the existing Fulbourn social club and construction of a new 72-bedroom care home (Use Class C2) with associated car and cycle parking, landscaping and access from The Drive, Fulbourn

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The individual or committee has signed off the recommendation by the planning officer, either approving or refusing the application. The applicant will then be notified by letter confirming the decision.

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Description Filename
Application Form ApplicationFormNoPersonalData.pdf
Landscape & Visual Assessment Part 2 170928_Capital Park Care Home Cambridge Road LVIA and Figures_Part2.pdf
Landscape & Visual Assessment Part 1 170928_Capital Park Care Home Cambridge Road LVIA and Figures_Part1.pdf
Landscape & Visual Assessment Part 3 170928_Capital Park Care Home Cambridge Road LVIA and Figures_Part3.pdf
Care Needs Assessment Care Needs Assessment - Cambridge - June 2017.pdf
Arboricultural Report Part 2 of 2 SH11902 - Land at Fulbourn Social Club - Arboricultural Report Part 2 of 2.pdf
First & Second Floor Plans 4538 PL04(F) First and Second Floor Plans.pdf
Basement & Ground Floor Plans 4538 PL03(F) Basement and Ground Floor Plans.pdf
Elevations 5 & 6 4538 PL07(B) Elevations 5 and 6.pdf
Elevations 2 & 4 4538 PL06(E) Elevations 2 and 4.pdf
Elevations 1 & 3 4538 PL05(B) Elevations 1 and 3.pdf
Front View front-view-H.JPG
Elevation 3 Road Context 4538 PL08(B) Elevation 3 Road Context.pdf
Existing Site Plan 4538 PL09 Existing Site Plan.pdf
Existing Site Photos 4538 PL10 Existing Site Photos.pdf
Site Plan 4538 PL02(K) Site Plan.pdf
Topographical Survey SH11902 - Land at Fulbourn Social Club - Topo Survey.pdf
Care Home External Lighting Layout CPF-MLM-ZZ-ZZ-DR-E-2101.pdf
Landscape Proposals 415-07386-00001-29-001-3-LANDSCAPE PROPOSALS.PDF
Design & Access Statement Part 2 4538 - Capital Park DAS_Rev D Final_Part2.pdf
Design & Access Statement Part 1 4538 - Capital Park DAS_Rev D Final_Part1.pdf
Transport Statement Appendices 1 & 2 TS_-_Care_Home_-_Appendices_1_&_2.pdf
Transport Statement Appendices 3 & 4 TS_-_Care_Home_-_Appendices_3_&_4.pdf
Transport Statement Appendix 5a TS_-_Care_Home_-_Appendix_5a.pdf
Transport Statement Appendix 5b TS_-_Care_Home_-_Appendix_5b.pdf
Transport Statement Appendix 5c TS_-_Care_Home_-_Appendix_5c.pdf
Transport Statement Appendix 5d TS_-_Care_Home_-_Appendix_5d.pdf
Transport Statement Appendix 5e TS_-_Care_Home_-_Appendix_5e.pdf
Transport Statement 488488_TS_-_Care_Home_Redacted.pdf
Covering Letter 488500_20170921_Cover_Letter_for_care_home_Redacted.pdf
Statement of Community Engagement 488505_20170927_SCI_Redacted.pdf
Planning Statement 488510_20170929_Planning_Statement_-_Care_Home_Redacted.pdf
Foul Sewerage and Utilities Assessment 488522_Final_-_Foul_Sewerage_and_Utilities_Assessment_-_Proposed_Care_Home_rs_Redacted.pdf
Noise Assessment Report 488525_SH11902_-_Final_Noise_Assessment_Report_Redacted.pdf
Arboricultural Report Part 1 of 2 488527_SH11902_-_Land_at_Fulbourn_Social_Club_-_Arboricultural_Report_Part_1_of_2_Redacted.pdf
Bat Roost Survey Report 488533_SH11902_-_Land_at_Fulbourn_Social_Club_-_Bat_Roost_Survey_Report_Redacted.pdf
Heritage Statement 488535_SH11902_-_Land_at_Fulbourn_Social_Club_-_Heritage_Statement_Redacted.pdf
Phase I Geo-Environmental Assessment 488536_SH11902_-_Land_at_Fulbourn_Social_Club_-_Phase_I_Geo-Enviro_Desk_Study_Redacted.pdf
Preliminary Ecological Appraisal 488538_SH11902_-_Land_at_Fulbourn_Social_Club_-_Preliminary_Ecological_Appraisal_Redacted.pdf
Sustainability Statement 488539_SH11902_-_Land_at_Fulbourn_Social_Club_-_Sustainability_Statement_with_RE_Strategy_Redacted.pdf
Flood Risk Assessment 488543_SH11902-RPT-007_FRA_FINAL_Redacted.pdf
Renewable Energy Strategy 488549_SH11902-RPT-013-APP1_RenewableEnergyStrategyV4_Final_Redacted.pdf
Waste Management - Recap Waste Design Guide Toolkit 488550_SH11902-RPT-017a_FINAL_Waste-RECAP_V3_Redacted.pdf
Waste Management - Outline Construction Site Waste Management Plan 488554_SH11902-RPT-017b_FINAL_Waste-Construction_SWMP_V3_Redacted.pdf
Structural Survey 488556_SH11902-RPT-022_Structural_Survey_for_Demolition_FINAL_Redacted.pdf
Police Comment 3418-17_Crime_Prevention_Comments.pdf
Sports Englqnd Comments Daniel_Smith.pdf
Archaeology comments Archaeology_comments.pdf
CIN advert CIN_advert.pdf
Ecology Comments 3418_17_FL_Land_at_Fulbourn_Social_Club_-_Ecology.pdf
3418-17 highways Comments 3418-17_Highways_Comments.pdf
The Location Plan - SUPERSEDED 4538_LP01(B)_Site_Location_Plan.pdf
LLFA comments 201102080.pdf
Tree officer's comments Tree_Consultation_2017_11_02_-_S_3418_17_FL.pdf
Sport England Comments Sport_England_.pdf
Interested party comments - Camcycle Interested_party_objections.pdf
Landscape Comments 3418_17_FL_Landscape.pdf
Fulbourn S&S Club - Comments Fulbourn_S&S_Club_-_comments.pdf
Anglian Water comments Anglian_Water_comments.pdf
Environment agency comments EA_response.pdf
Cambs Fire and Resuce comments SKM1820282017121513000.pdf
Drainage design report SH11902-Drainage_Design_Report_FSC.pdf
Flood and Water Team Comments 201102273.pdf
The Location Plan - AMENDED 4538_LP01(C)_Site_Location_Plan.pdf
Refuse Store elevations - Additional Info 4538_PL11_External_Refuse__Cycle_Store.pdf
Section 106 Agreement dated 26 November 2018 Capital_Park_Care_Home_Fulbourn_-_s106_redacted.pdf
Decision Notice S341817FL_Decision_Notice.pdf
HTS Name: wphappdetail03-default.hts
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