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Full Planning (Small Major)


Over CP

Site adjacent Longstanton Road, Over, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB24 5PN

The erection of 26 dwellings, (including 10 affordable units), together with ancillary access arrangements and landscaping

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The individual or committee has signed off the recommendation by the planning officer, either approving or refusing the application. The applicant will then be notified by letter confirming the decision.

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Description Filename
Affordable Dwelling Elevations Plots 21&22 - APPROVED 25.01.2018 1_Bed_Affordable_Home_(Plots_21&22)_-_Elevations.pdf
2&3 Bed Private Dwelling Floor Plans Plots 3-6 & 13&14 - APPROVED 25.01.2018 2_&_3_Bed_Private_Dwelling_(Plots_3-6_and_13&14)_-_Floor_Plans.pdf
2 Bed Affordable Dwelling Elevations Plots 17-20 - APPROVED 25.01.2018 2_Bed_Affordable_Dwelling_(Plots_17-20)_-_Elevations.pdf
2 Bed Affordable Dwelling Floor Plans Plots 17-20 - APPROVED 25.01.2018 2_Bed_Affordable_Dwelling_(Plots_17-20)_-_Floor_Plans.pdf
2 Bed Affordable Dwelling Elevations Plots 23&24 - APPROVED 25.01.2018 2_Bed_Affordable_Dwelling_(Plots_23&24)_-_Elevations.pdf
2 Bed Affordable Dwelling Floor Plans Plots 23&24 - APPROVED 25.01.2018 2_Bed_Affordable_Dwelling_(Plots_23&24)_-_Floor_Plans.pdf
2 Bed Private Dwelling Elevations Plots 13&14 - APPROVED 25.01.2018 2_Bed_Private_Dwelling_(Plots_13&14)_-_Elevations.pdf
2 Bed Private Dwelling Elevations Plots 3&4 - APPROVED 25.01.2018 2_Bed_Private_Dwelling_(Plots_3&4)_-_Elevations.pdf
2 Bed Private Dwelling Elevations Plots 5&6 - APPROVED 25.01.2018 2_Bed_Private_Dwelling_(Plots_5&6)_-_Elevations.pdf
3 Bed Affordable Dwelling Elevations Plots 15&16 - APPROVED 25.01.2018 3_Bed_Affordable_Dwelling_(Plots_15&16)_-_Elevations.pdf
3 Bed Affordable Dwelling Floor Plans Plots 15&16 - APPROVED 25.01.2018 3_Bed_Affordable_Dwelling_(Plots_15&16)_-_Floor_Plans.pdf
3 Bed Private Dwelling Elevations Plots 1&2 and 25&26 - SUPERSEDED 3_Bed_Private_Dwelling_(Plots_1&2_and_25&26)_-_Elevations.pdf
3 Bed Private Dwelling Floor Plans Plots 1&2 and 25&26 - APPROVED 25.01.2018 3_Bed_Private_Dwelling_(Plots_1&2_and_25&26)_-_Floor_Plans.pdf
4 Bed Private Dwelling Elevations Plots 7&11 - APPROVED 25.01.2018 4_Bed_Private_Dwelling_(Plots_7&11)_-_Elevations.pdf
4 Bed Private Dwelling Floor Plans Plots 7&11 - APPROVED 25.01.2018 4_Bed_Private_Dwelling_(Plots_7&11)_-_Floor_Plans.pdf
5 Bed Private Dwelling Elevations Plot 8 - APPROVED 25.01.2018 5_Bed_Private_Dwelling_(Plot_8)_-_Elevations.pdf
5 Bed Private Dwelling Floor Plans Plots 8,9,10&12 - APPROVED 25.01.2018 5_Bed_Private_Dwelling_(Plots_8,9,10&12)_-_Floor_Plans.pdf
5 Bed Private Dwelling Elevations Plots 9,10&12 - APPROVED 25.01.2018 5_Bed_Private_Dwelling_(Plots_9,10&12)_-_Elevations.pdf
Brick Wall Details - APPROVED 25.01.2018 Brick_Wall_Details.pdf
Metal Fence Details - APPROVED 25.01.2018 Metal_Fence_Details.pdf
Plot 11 Garage Plans - APPROVED 25.01.2018 Plot_11_Garage_Plans.pdf
Plots 1,2,7,8&12 Detached Garage Plans - APPROVED 25.01.2018 Plots_1,2,7,8&12_Detached_Garage_Plans.pdf
Plots 13,14,25&26 Garage Plans - APPROVED 25.01.2018 Plots_13,14,25&26_Garage_Plans.pdf
Plots 9&10 Detached Garage Plans - APPROVED 25.01.2018 Plots_9&10_Detached_Garage_Plans.pdf
Proposed Site & Location Plan - SUPERSEDED 11/09/2017 Proposed_Site_&_Location_Plan.pdf
Timber Fence Details - APPROVED 25.01.2018 Timber_Fence_Details.pdf
Application Form Application_Form_Redacted.pdf
Design & Access Statement Design_&_Access_Statement.pdf
Envirosearch Envirosearch.pdf
Health Impact Assessment Health_Impact_Assessment.pdf
Planning Statement Planning_Statement.pdf
Flood Risk Assessment 1898_-_FRA__DS_Longstanton_Road_Cambridgeshire.pdf
Highways Statement Highways_Statement.pdf
Preliminary Ecological Appraisal Preliminary_Ecological_Appraisal.pdf
Tree Survey Plans Tree_Survey_Plans.pdf
Tree Survey Tree_Survey.pdf
Contaminated Land Comment S-2383-17_Contamintated_Report.pdf
Environmental Health Comment S-2383-17_Environmental_Health_.pdf
Sustainable Drainage Engineer comments Sustainable_Drainage_Engineer_comments.pdf
Neighbour comments Neighbour_comments_.pdf
CIN press advert CIN_Press_advert.pdf
Neighbour comments Neighbour_comments.pdf
Neighbour comments Neighbour_comments.pdf
Neighbour comments Neighbour_comments_.pdf
CIN press advert CIN_press_advert.pdf
Parish Comments 17-2383-17_Site_adjacent_to_Longstanton_Road,_Over.pdf
Parish Council Comments REDACTEd 2383-17_Parish_council_Comments_Redacted.pdf
Archaeologist Comments Archaeologist_Comments_.pdf
Flood Comments 2383-17_Drawing.pdf
Flood Comments 2383-17_Ecomomy,_Transport_and_Evironment_Plan.PDF
Ecology Respons Ecology_Comments.pdf
Environmental Health Officer Response 100817_Final_response_to_planning_land_adjacent_to_Longstanton_Road_Over.pdf
EA Comments EA_response.pdf
Anglian Water Comments 2383-17_Anglian_water.pdf
CCC Comments S106_(S238317FL)_Longstanton_Rd_Over.pdf
Neighbour comments Neighbour_comments.pdf
Neighbour Comments 2383_-_Neighbour_Comments_.pdf
Trees Comments S-2383-17-FL_TreeComments.pdf
Neighbour comments Neighbours_comments.pdf
Proposed Site & Location Plan - AMENDED 11/09/2017 FP100_Rev_E.pdf
3 Bed Private Dwelling Elevations Plots 1&2 and 25&26 - AMENDED 11/09/2017 FP113_Rev_A_Proposed_Elevations.pdf
Fire & Rescure Service Comments Fire_&_Rescure_Service_Comments.pdf
S106 Officers comments Section_106_officer_consultation_response_Longstanton_Road_Over.pdf
Additional ecology letter Scopier17082411460.pdf
Parish Council Comments 2383-17_Parish_Council_Comments.pdf
Decision notice DN_Planning_Permission_4847.pdf
Officer delegation report Officer_Delegation_Report_8462.pdf
CH16-LBA-402-FP113 Rev A - 3 Bedroom Private Dwelling Plots 1 & 2 & 25 & 26 - APPROVED 25.01.2018 CH16-LBA-402-FP113_RevA_3_bedroom_private_dwelling.pdf
CH16-LBA-402-FP126 - Proposed Street Elevtions - APPROVED 25.01.2018 CH16-LBA-402-FP126_Proposed_Street_Elevations.pdf
Covering Letter REDACTED Covering_Letter_Redacted.pdf
Section 106 Agreement dated 25 January 2018 Land_Adj_Longstanton_Road_Over_-_s106_redacted.pdf
Environmental Health Officers Comments 2383-17_Environmental_Health_Officers_Comments.pdf
HTS Name: wphappdetail03-default.hts
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