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Reserved Matters (Small Major)


Swavesey CP

Land South of Fen Drayton Road, Swavesey, Cambs, CB24 4RS

Approval of Reserved Matters (layout, scale, appearance and landscaping) in relation to the construction of 99 dwellings, open space, play space, highways layout, pumping station and all other associated infrastructure following outline planning permission S/1027/16/OL

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The individual or committee has signed off the recommendation by the planning officer, either approving or refusing the application. The applicant will then be notified by letter confirming the decision.

This application has already been decided. You cannot comment on it

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Plans, drawings and other material submitted to the local authority are protected by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (section 47). You may only use material which is downloaded and/or printed for consultation purposes, to compare current applications with previous schemes and to check whether developments have been completed in accordance with approved plans. Further copies must not be made without the prior permission of the copyright owner.

Description Filename
Application Form - Without Personal Data ApplicationFormNoPersonalData.pdf
How the fee was calculated FeeCalculation.pdf
A summary of the attachments in the proposal AttachmentSummary.pdf
Ecological summary report - SUPERSEDED Practical Ecology Ltd - Land South of Fen Drayton Road Swavesey - Bat and Bird Box Plan V3.pdf
Ecological summary report - SUPERSEDED Practical Ecology Ltd - Ecological Summary Report - V2 Final_Part4.pdf
Ecological summary report - SUPERSEDED Practical Ecology Ltd - Ecological Summary Report - V2 Final_Part3.pdf
Ecological summary report - SUPERSEDED Practical Ecology Ltd - Ecological Summary Report - V2 Final_Part2.pdf
Ecological summary report - SUPERSEDED Practical Ecology Ltd - Ecological Summary Report - V2 Final_Part1.pdf
Biodiversity compensation and enhancement - SUPERSEDED - Biodiversity Compensation and Enhancement Plan V5.pdf
Building heights plan - SUPERSEDED B.0445_29-04C Building Heights Plan.pdf
House type pack part 3 - SUPERSEDED B.0445_32C - House Type Pack_Part3.pdf
House type pack part 2 - SUPERSEDED B.0445_32C - House Type Pack_Part2.pdf
House type pack part 1 - SUPERSEDED B.0445_32C - House Type Pack_Part1.pdf
Boundary treatment details B.0445_31A Boundary Treatments Details.pdf
Topographical survey plan E3532-105-Topographical Survey Plan.pdf
Highways construction details - SUPERSEDED E3532-780A-S278-Highway Construction Details.pdf
Access junction sections - SUPERSEDED E3532-740-S278 - Access Junction Sections.pdf
Footway and raised junction setting out - SUPERSEDED E3532-730-S278 Footway and Raised Junction-Setting Out.pdf
Footway and raised junction general arrangement - SUPERSEDED E3532-705A-S278 Footway and Raised Junction-General Arrangement.pdf
Access junction - SUPERSEDED E3532-700-S278 Access Junction.pdf
Footway and raised junction - SUPERSEDED E3532-531-S278 Footway and Raised Junction-Fen Drayton Road Ditch.pdf
Access junction ditch diversion - SUPERSEDED E3532-530-S278 Access Junction Ditch Diversion.pdf
Section 38 coloured plan - SUPERSEDED E3532-370C-Section38 Coloured Plan.pdf
Street scenes - SUPERSEDED B.0445_33_01A Street Scenes_LR.pdf
Supporting statement Swavesey RM Supporting Statement 230418.pdf
Electric vehicle charging strategy - SUPERSEDED B.0445_25D Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy.pdf
Parking strategy - SUPERSEDED B.0445_24D Parking Strategy.pdf
Materials plan - SUPERSEDED B.0445_27G-Materials Plan.pdf
Refuse strategy - SUPERSEDED B.0445_26F Refuse Strategy.pdf
Affordable tenure - SUPERSEDED B.0445_23D Affordable Tenure.pdf
Drawing issue register P17-0025 Drawing Issue Register 140618.pdf
CEMP CEMP V1 Final.pdf
Construction layout plan - SUPERSEDED EA120-SL-200D (Construction layout).pdf
Energy statement - SUPERSEDED Vs2 Fen Drayton Road Energy Statement.pdf
SAP calculations Plot 099 - Blake Bung.pdf
SAP calculations Plot 098 - 479 - Shirley D.pdf
SAP calculations Plot 085 - 4b6p -Strand SD.pdf
SAP calculations Plot 084 - 1bf01 - Swift FF.pdf
SAP calculations Plot 083 - 1bf01 - Swift GF.pdf
SAP calculations Plot 080 3b5p -Sorely SD.pdf
SAP calculations Plot 077 2B4P Sinclair - SD.pdf
SAP calculations Plot 072 2BF02 - Shelley FF.pdf
SAP calculations Plot 071 2BF02 - Shelley GF.pdf
SAP calculations Plot 067 - 477 - Morris D.pdf
SAP calculations Plot 040 - Chesterton SD.pdf
SAP calculations Plot 029 372 - Byron - SD.pdf
SAP calculations Plot 028 - Lyttleton - D.pdf
SAP calculations Plot 024 - Heywood - D.pdf
SAP calculations Plot 018 - 473 - Tyndale D.pdf
SAP calculations Plot 011 - 472 - Brooke D.pdf
Tree survey 6773-D-AMS - Land North of Swavesey Village College - Rev C.pdf
Tree survey - SUPERSEDED 6773-AMS - Land North of Swavesey Village College - Rev C.pdf
The location plan B 0445 12A Site Location Plan(1).pdf
Flood risk assessment E3532-FRA-Rev8 njb.pdf
Pumping Station elevations E3532-571B- PS elevations.pdf
Culvert construction details - SUPERSEDED E3532-560-S278-Culvert Construction Details.pdf
Drainage strategy plan - SUPERSEDED E3532-500F-Drainage Strategy Plan.pdf
SuDS Supporting Information Appendices Full part3c.pdf
SuDS Supporting Information Appendices Full part2.pdf
SuDS Supporting Information Appendices Full part1.pdf
Statement of community involvement Swavesey - SCI - JUN18 - new.compressed.pdf
Site layout plan - SUPERSEDED B.0445_18R Site Layout_LR.pdf
Planning statement P17-0025_Planning_Statement_Final Rev A.pdf
Design & access statement B.0445_30F Design Statement_Part2.pdf
Design & access statement B.0445_30F Design Statement_Part1.pdf
Management access plan - SUPERSEDED EA120-PD-040 (Management Areas Plan).pdf
LEMP Part 3 - SUPERSEDED P17-0025-LEMP-001B_Part3.pdf
LEMP Part 2 - SUPERSEDED P17-0025-LEMP-001B_Part2.pdf
LEMP Part 1 - SUPERSEDED P17-0025-LEMP-001B_Part1.pdf
ILMP Low res - SUPERSEDED P17-0025_01F ILMP low res .pdf
Street lighting plan - SUPERSEDED E3532-950D-Street Lighting Plan.pdf
Boundary treatments - SUPERSEDED B.0445_28F-Boundary Treatments.pdf
Police Architectural Liaison Officer Comments.pdf
Archaeology comments s-2315-18.pdf
Fire and rescue comments 2315-18.pdf
CIN press advert CIN_press_advert.pdf
Historic England comments W_HERef_P00938750_318858_S231518RM.pdf
LLFA comments 201102904.pdf
Natural England comments Natural_England.pdf
Ecology comments 2315_18_RM_Land_South_of_Fen_Drayton_Road_-_Ecology.pdf
Camcycle Comments REDACTED 2315-18_Objectors_Comment_Redacted.pdf
Drainage officer's comments 2018-07-07_S-2315-18-RM_LSO_Fen_Drayton_Road_Swavesey.pdf
Concerned Neighbour Comments REDACTED 2315-18_Concerned_Neighbour_Comment_Redacted.pdf
Environment Agency comments 2315-18_EA_response.pdf
Neighbour Letter of Concern REDACTED 2315-18_Neighbour_Concern_Letter_Redacted.pdf
Neighbour comments redacted Neighbour_comments_Redacted.pdf
Sustainability Officer comments s-2315-18.pdf
Local Highways Officer Comments 2315-18__Local_Highways_Officer_Comments.pdf
Parish Council Comments (July) 2315-18_-_Parish_Council_Comments.pdf
Sustainablitiy Officer Comments 2315-18_Sustainability_Officer_Comments.pdf
Tree officer comments Tree_Consultation_2018_08_01_-_S_2315_18_RM.pdf
Urban Design comments (August) S_2315_18_RM_land_south_of_Fen_Drayton_Road_Swavesey_UD_comments_080818.pdf
Drawing issue Register - SUPERSEDED P17-0025_Drawing_Issue_Register_100818.pdf
Landscape and Ecological Management Plan (LEMP)r - SUPERSEDED P17-0025-LEMP-001C.PDF
Landsape Comments 2315_18_RM_Landscape.pdf
Arboricultural Method Statement & Tree Protection Plan - Amended 05.09.2018 6773-AMS_-_Land_North_of_Swavesey_Village_College_-_Rev_D.pdf
Arboricultural Method Statement Drawing - Amended 05.09.2018 6773-D-AMS_-_Land_North_of_Swavesey_Village_College_-_Rev_D.pdf
Site Layout - Amended 05.09.2018 B.0445_18W_Site_Layout_LR.pdf
Affordable Housing Tenure - Amended 05.09.2018 B.0445_23E_Affordable_Tenure.pdf
Parking Strategy - Amended 05.09.2018 B.0445_24E_Parking_Strategy.pdf
Electric Vehicle Charing Strategy - Amended 05.09.2018 B.0445_25E_Electric_Vehicle_Charging_Strategy.pdf
Refuse Strategy - Amended 05.09.2018 B.0445_26G_Refuse_Strategy.pdf
Materials Plan - Amended 05.09.2018 B.0445_27H-Materials_Plan.pdf
Boundary Treatments - Amended 05.09.2018 B.0445_28G-Boundary_Treatments.pdf
Garden Spae Schedule - Amended 05.09.2018 B.0445_29-02E-Garden_Schedule.pdf
Building Heights Plan - Amended 05.09.2018 B.0445_29-04D_Building_Heights_Plan.pdf
House Floor Plans & Elevations (1 of 3) - Amended 05.09.2018 B.0445_32D_-_House_Type_Pack_Part1.pdf
House Floor Plans & Elevations (2 of 3) - Amended 05.09.2018 B.0445_32D_-_House_Type_Pack_Part2.pdf
House Floor Plans & Elevations (3 of 3) - Amended 05.09.2018 B.0445_32D_-_House_Type_Pack_Part3.pdf
Street Scenes - Amended 05.09.2018 B.0445_33_01B_Street_Scenes_LR.pdf
Bird & Bat Box Plan - Amended 05.09.2018 Bat_and_Bird_Box_Plan_V4.pdf
Biodiversity Compensation & Enhancement Plan - Amended 05.09.2018 Biodiversity_Compensation_and_Enhancement_Plan_V6.pdf
Covering Letter - Amended 05.09.2018 Covering_letter_31.08.18.pdf
Drainage Maintenance Manual - Amended 05.09.2018 E3532_-_Swavesey_Drainage_Maintenance_Manual_Rev0.pdf
Mainenance Appendices - Amended 05.09.2018 E3532-_Maintenance_Appendices.pdf
Section 38 Plan - Amended 05.09.2018 E3532-370D-Section38_Coloured_Plan.pdf
Externals Overall Plan - Amended 05.09.2018 E3532-400a-Externals_Overall_Plan.pdf
Drainage Stragegy - Amended 05.09.2018 E3532-500H-Drainage_Strategy.pdf
Access Junction Ditch Diversion - Amended 05.09.2018 E3532-530a-S278_Access_Junction_Ditch_Diversion.pdf
Footway & Raised Junction - Amended 05.09.2018 E3532-531B-S278_Footway_and_Raised_Junction-Fen_Drayton_Road_Ditch.pdf
Culvert Construction Details - Amended 05.09.2018 E3532-560a-S278-Culvert_Construction_Details.pdf
Access Junction - Amended 05.09.2018 E3532-700A-S278_Access_Junction.pdf
Junction Visibility - Amended 05.09.2018 E3532-701-Junction_Visibility.pdf
Footway & Raised Junction General Arrangement - Amended 05.09.2018 E3532-705D-S278_Footway_and_Raised_Junction-General_Arrangement.pdf
Footway & Raised Junction Setting Out - Amended 05.09.2018 E3532-730A-S278_Footway_and_Raised_Junction-Setting_Out.pdf
Highway Construction Details - Amended 05.09.2018 E3532-780E-S278-Highway_Construction_Details.pdf
Street Lighting Plan - Amended 05.09.2018 E3532-950E-Street_Lighting_Plan.pdf
Footway & Raised Junction Street Lighting - Amended 05.09.2018 E3532-970A-S278_Footway_and_Raised_Junction_Street_Lighitng_UR.pdf
Site Access Street Lighting - Amended 05.09.2018 E3532-971A-S278_Site_Access_Street_Lighitng_UR.pdf
Management Areas Plan - Amended 05.09.2018 EA120-PD-040A_(Management_Areas_Plan).pdf
Construction Management Plan - Amended 05.09.2018 EA120-SL-200E_(Construction_Management_Plan).pdf
Ecological Summary Report (part 1 of 4) - Amended 05.09.2018 Ecological_Summary_Report_V3_final_part_1.pdf
Ecological Summary Report (part 2 of 4) - Amended 05.09.2018 Ecological_Summary_Report_V3_final_part_2.pdf
Ecological Summary Report (part 3 of 4) - Amended 05.09.2018 Ecological_Summary_Report_V3_final_part_3.pdf
Ecological Summary Report (part 4 of 4) - Amended 05.09.2018 Ecological_Summary_Report_V3_final_part_4.pdf
Flood Risk Appendices (1 of 6) - Amended 05.09.2018 FRA_appendices_1_pgs_1-12.pdf
Flood Risk Appendices (2 of 6) - Amended 05.09.2018 FRA_appendices_2_pgs_13-24.pdf
Flood Risk Appendices (3 of 6) - Amended 05.09.2018 FRA_appendices_3_pgs_25-42.pdf
Flood Risk Appendices (4 of 6) - Amended 05.09.2018 FRA_appendices_4_pgs_43-84.pdf
Flood Risk Appendices (5 of 6) - Amended 05.09.2018 FRA_appendices_5_pgs_85-105.pdf
Flood Risk Appendices (6 of 6)Flood Risk Appendices (1 of 6) - Amended 05.09.2018 FRA_appendices_6_pgs_106-137.pdf
Drawing Issue Register - Amended 05.09.2018 P17-0025_Drawing_Issue_Register_030918.pdf
Landscape and Ecological Management Plan - Amended 05.09.2018 P17-0025-LEMP-001D.pdf
Illustrative Landscape Masterplan - Amended 05.09.2018 P17-0025_01G_ILMP_reduced.pdf
Construction Environmental Plan - Amended 05.09.2018 Project_Construction_Environmental_Plan_-_Swavesey_29.08.18.pdf
Energy Statement - Amended 05.09.2018 V3_Fen_Drayton_Road_Energy_Statement.pdf
Crime prevention comments Crime_prevention_comments.pdf
Archaeology comments Archaeology_comments.pdf
Neighbour comments Neighbour_comments_1.pdf
LLFA comments 2315.pdf
Camcycle Comments (September) 2315_18_objection.pdf
Ecology comments 2315_18_RM_Land_South_of_Fen_Drayton_Road_-_Ecology_11092018.pdf
Drainage Comments Drainage_Comments.pdf
Parish Council Comments (September) Bloor_Homes_amended_RM_Plans_-_Parish_Council_response_-_17-09-18.pdf
Historic England Comments W_HERef_P00938750_324333_S231518RM.pdf
Landscape comments 2315_18_RM_Landscape.pdf
Local Highways Officer Comments 18-2315-RM_Land_South_of_Fen_Drayton_Road,_Swavesey._II.pdf
Tree comments Tree_Consultation_2018_09_19_-_S_2315_18_RM.pdf
Urban Design comments (September) S_2315_18_RM_land_south_of_Fen_Drayton_Road_Swavesey_UD_comments_19_09_18.pdf
Anglian water comments Anglian_water_comments.pdf
Neighbour comments Neighbour_comments_21.pdf
Middle Level Commissioners Comments Bloor_Homes.pdf
Affordable Tenure Rev F - Amend 21.11.2018 Affordable_Tenure_-_rev_F.pdf
Appendices Full Part 1 - Amend 21.11.2018 Appendices_Full_part1.pdf
Appendices Full Part 2 - Amend 21.11.2018 Appendices_Full_part2.pdf
Bat and Brid Box Plan V5 - SUPERSEDED Bat_and_Bird_Box_Plan_V5.pdf
Biodiversity compensation and enhancement plan - SUPERSEDED Biodiversity_Compensation_and_Enhancement_Plan_V7.pdf
Boundary Treatments RevI - Amend 21.11.2018 Boundary_Treatments_-_rev_I.pdf
Construction Management Plan - Amend 21.11.2018 Construction_Management_Plan_-_rev_F.pdf
Drainage Strategy Rev1 - Amend 21.11.2018 Drainage_Strategy_-_rev_I.pdf
Electric Vehicle Rev F - Amend 21.11.2018 Electric_Vehicle_-_rev_F.pdf
Garden Schedule Rev F - Amend 21.11.2018 Garden_Schedule_-_rev_F.pdf
House Type Pack Rev F - Part 1 - Amend 21.11.2018 House_Type_Pack_-_rev_F_Part1.pdf
House Type Pack Rev F - Part 2 - Amend 21.11.2018 House_Type_Pack_-_rev_F_Part2.pdf
House Type Pack Rev F- Part 3 - Amend 21.11.2018 House_Type_Pack_-_rev_F_Part3.pdf
Landscape Rev H - SUPERSEDED Landscape_-_rev_H.PDF
Management Areas Plan Rev B - Amend 21.11.2018 Management_Areas_Plan_-_rev_B.pdf
Materials Plan - Rev I - Amend 21.11.2018 Materials_Plan_-_rev_I.pdf
Drawing Issue Register - Amend 21.11.2018 P17-0025_Drawing_Issue_Register_191118.pdf
Parking Strategy Rev F - Amend 21.11.2018 Parking_Strategy_-_rev_F.pdf
Refuse Strategy Rev I - Amend 21.11.2018 Refuse_Strategy_-_rev_I.pdf
Section 38 Coloured Plan Rev F- Amend 21.11.2018 Section38_Coloured_Plan_-_rev_F.pdf
Site Layout Rev ZA - SUPERSEDED Site_Layout_-_rev_ZA.pdf
Street Lighting Plan Rev G - Amend 21.11.2018 Street_Lighting_Plan_-_rev_G.pdf
Street Scenes rev C - Amend 21.11.2018 Street_Scenes_-_rev_C.pdf
Appendices Full Part 3 - Redact - Amend 21.11.2018 702558_Appendices_Full_part3_Redacted.pdf
Appendices Full Part 4 -Redact - Amend 21.11.2018 702567_Appendices_Full_part4_Redacted.pdf
Flood Risk Assessment Redact - Amend 21.11.2018 702584_FRA-Rev9_Redacted.pdf
Parish Council Comments (November) Parish_Amendment_14_Days_1121_-_SPC_response_form.pdf
Ecology comments 2315_18_RM_Land_South_of_Fen_Drayton_Road_-_Ecology_27112018.pdf
Affordable Housing Comments (Dec-18) Affordable_Housing_Comments.pdf
Landscape Design Officer Comments 2315_18_RM_Landscape.pdf
Affordable Housing Comments (July) S_2315_18_RM_consultation_response_form.pdf
Local Highway Officer Comments (December) Highway_Comments.pdf
Bat and Bird Box Plan - Amended 10.12.2018 Bat_and_Bird_Box_Plan_V6.pdf
Biodiversity Compensation and Enhancement Plan - Amended 10.12.2018 Biodiversity_Compensation_and_Enhancement_Plan_V8.pdf
Illustrative Landscape Masterplan - Amended 10.12.2018 ILMP_-_rev_J.pdf
Landscape and Ecology Management Plan - Amended 10.12.2018 LEMP-_rev_E.pdf
Drawing Issue Register - Amended 10.12.2018 P17-0025_Drawing_Issue_Register_071218.pdf
Site Layout - Amended 10.12.2018 Site_Layout_-_rev_ZB.pdf
Decision Notice DN_Reserved_Matters_Approval_118.pdf
Delegation report Delegation_report.pdf
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