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Outline Planning (Large Major)


Landbeach CP Waterbeach CP

Land adjacent to WATERBEACH BARRACKS & AIRFIELD SITE, Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire

Outline planning permission (with all matters reserved) for development of up to 4,500 dwellings, business, retail, community, leisure and sports uses; new primary and secondary schools and sixth form centre; public open spaces including parks and ecological areas; points of access, associated drainage and other infrastructure, groundworks, landscaping, and highways works.

Out for Consultation

Neighbours, Parish Councils and statutory bodies have been invited to comment on the application and express their views to assess whether the scheme is acceptable. The planning officer will visit the site for inspection and assess the surrounding area, whilst considering relevant policies and consultation responses. If necessary the officer will collect site specific information, for example by taking photographs. The planning officer will then assess the information collected.

Associated Media

Plans, drawings and other material submitted to the local authority are protected by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (section 47). You may only use material which is downloaded and/or printed for consultation purposes, to compare current applications with previous schemes and to check whether developments have been completed in accordance with approved plans. Further copies must not be made without the prior permission of the copyright owner.

Description Filename
Application Form WNTE_Application_Form.pdf
Covering Letter WNTE_Cover_Letter_Redacted.pdf
SUPERCEDED Design & Access Statement WNTE_Design_and_Access_Statement_(Pt1).pdf
SUPERCEDED Design & Access Statement Part 2a WNTE_Design_and_Access_Statement_(Pt2)a.pdf
SUPERCEDED Design & Access Statement Part 2b WNTE_Design_and_Access_Statement_(Pt2)b.pdf
SUPERCEDED Design & Access Statement Part 3 WNTE_Design_and_Access_Statement_(Pt3).pdf
SUPERCEDED Design & Access Statement Part 4 WNTE_Design_and_Access_Statement_(Pt4).pdf
SUPERCEDEDDesign & Access Statement Part 5a WNTE_Design_and_Access_Statement_(Pt5)a.pdf
SUPERCEDED Design & Access Statement Part 5b WNTE_Design_and_Access_Statement_(Pt5)b.pdf
SUPERCEDED Design & Access Statement Part 6a WNTE_Design_and_Access_Statement_(Pt6)a.pdf
SUPERCEDED Design & Access Statement Part 6b WNTE_Design_and_Access_Statement_(Pt6)b.pdf
SUPERCEDED Design & Access Statement Part 7 WNTE_Design_and_Access_Statement_(Pt7).pdf
Employment Report WNTE_Employment_Report.pdf
SUPERCEDED Energy Strategy Report WNTE_Energy_Strategy_Report.pdf
SUPERCEDED Illustrative Masterplan WNTE_Illustrative_Masterplan.pdf
Lighting Assessment WNTE_Lighting_Assessment.pdf
SUPERCEDED Access & Movement Parameter Plan WNTE_Parameters_Plans.pdf
SUPERCEDED Planning & Delivery Statement WNTE_Planning_and_Delivery_Statement.PDF
Boundary Plan WNTE_Planning_Application_Boundary_Plan.pdf
Proposed Heads of Terms WNTE_Proposed_s106_HoT_Submission.pdf
Statement of Community Involvement WNTE_Statement_of_Community_Involvement.pdf
SUPERCEDED Sustainability Strategy WNTE_Sustainability_Statement.pdf
Town Centre Uses Assessment WNTE_Town_Centre_Uses_Assessment.pdf
SUPERCEDED Non Technical Summary Non_Technical_Summary.pdf
SUPERCEDED Access & Movement Parameter Plan 5475_002_L.pdf
SUPERCEDED Green Infrastructure Parameter Plan 5475_003_L.pdf
SUPERCEDED Land Use Parameter Plan 5475_004_L.pdf
SUPERCEDED Density & Building Heights Parameter Plan 5475_005_L.pdf
SUPERCEDED llustrative Masterplan 5475_006_C.pdf
ES Figure 1.1 Site location ES_Figure_1.1.pdf
ES Figure 1.2 Agricultural land classification ES_Figure_1.2.pdf
ES Figure 1.3 Flood extents ES_Figure_1.3.pdf
ES Figure 1.4 Site features ES_Figure_1.4.pdf
ES Figure 1.5 Public rights of way ES_Figure_1.5.pdf
ES Figure 10.1 Ground investigation exploratory bore holes ES_Figure_10.1.pdf
ES Figure 11.1 Flood risk mapping ES_Figure_11.1.pdf
ES Figure 11.2 Breach locations and culvert locations ES_Figure_11.2.pdf
ES Figure 12.1 Predicted daytime outdoor noise contours ES_Figure_12.1.pdf
ES Figure 12.2 Predicted nightime outdoor noise contours ES_Figure_12.2.pdf
ES Figure 12.3 Noise levels difference ES_Figure_12.3.pdf
ES Figure 12.4 Noise levels difference ES_Figure_12.4.pdf
ES Figure 13.1 Study area ES_Figure_13.1.pdf
ES Figure 13.2 Community facilities within study area ES_Figure_13.2.pdf
ES Figure 13.3 Heathcare facilities within study area ES_Figure_13.3.pdf
ES Figure 2.1 Cumulative assessment area ES_Figure_2.1.pdf
ES Figure 5.1 Site location, study area and wider context ES_Figure_5.1.pdf
ES Figure 5.2 Landform ES_Figure_5.2.pdf
ES Figure 5.3 Local landscape character ES_Figure_5.3.pdf
ES Figure 5.4 Zone of theoretical visibility ES_Figure_5.4.pdf
ES Figure 5.5 Viewpoint locations ES_Figure_5.5.pdf
ES Figure 5.6 Representative viewpoints 1-13 and Illustrative Viewpoints A-I ES_Figure_5.6.pdf
SUPERCEDED ES Figure 5.7a Representative viewpoints ES_Figure_5.7a.pdf
ES Figure 5.7a LR Representative viewpoints ES_Figure_5.7a_LR.pdf
SUPERCEDED ES Figure 5.7b Representative viewpoints ES_Figure_5.7b.pdf
ES Figure 5.7b LR Representative viewpoints ES_Figure_5.7b_LR.pdf
ES Figure 6.1 Heritage assets ES_Figure_6.1.pdf
ES Figure 6.2 Heritage assets ES_Figure_6.2.pdf
SUPERCEDED ES Figure 7.1 SSSIs ES_Figure_7.1.pdf
ES Figure 7.10 Great crested newts ES_Figure_7.10.pdf
ES Figure 7.11 Reptile survey results ES_Figure_7.11.pdf
ES Figure 7.12(i) Breeding bird territory ES_Figure_7.12_(i).pdf
ES Figure 7.12(ii) Breeding bird territory ES_Figure_7.12_(ii).pdf
ES Figure 7.12(iii) Potential barn owl foraging habitat ES_Figure_7.12_(iii).pdf
ES Figure 7.13 Overwintering bird survey ES_Figure_7.13.pdf
ES Figure 7.14 Water vole survey ES_Figure_7.14.pdf
ES Figure 7.16 Invertebrate survey ES_Figure_7.16.pdf
ES Figure 7.17(i) ES_Figure_7.17_(i).pdf
ES Figure 7.2 Phase 1 Habitat Map ES_Figure_7.2.pdf
ES Figure 7.3 Arable field margin habitats ES_Figure_7.3.pdf
ES Figure 7.4 Hedgerow survey ES_Figure_7.4.pdf
ES Figure 7.5 Automatic bat detector locations ES_Figure_7.5.pdf
ES Figure 7.6 Bat emergence results ES_Figure_7.6.pdf
ES Figure 7.7(i) Bat transect results ES_Figure_7.7_(i).pdf
ES Figure 7.7(ii) Bat transect results ES_Figure_7.7_(ii).pdf
ES Figure 7.7(iii) Bat transect results ES_Figure_7.7_(iii).pdf
ES Figure 7.7(iv) Bat transect results ES_Figure_7.7_(iv).pdf
ES Figure 7.7(v) Bat transect results ES_Figure_7.7_(v).pdf
ES Figure 7.8 Automatic bat detector results ES_Figure_7.8.pdf
ES Figure 7.9 Tree potential for bat survey ES_Figure_7.9.pdf
ES Figure 8.1 Study area ES_Figure_8.1.pdf
ES Figure 8.2 Key road links ES_Figure_8.2.pdf
ES Figure 9.1 Air quality and odour receptors ES_Figure_9.1.pdf
Environmental Statement Volume 1 Environmental_Statement_Volume_1.pdf
ES Appendix 1.1 - Agricultural Land Classification Survey ES_Appendix_1.1.pdf
ES Appendix 1.2 - Tree Survey Report ES_Appendix_1.2.pdf
ES Appendix 1.3 ES_Appendix_1.3.pdf
SUPERCEDED ES Appendix 11.2 - Water Strategy ES_Appendix_11.2.pdf
SUPERCEDED ES Appendix 11.3 - Utilities Statement ES_Appendix_11.3.pdf
ES Appendix 12.1 - Noise and Vibration Assessment ES_Appendix_12.1.pdf
ES Appendix 2.1 - Information for inclusion in environment statement ES_Appendix_2.1.pdf
ES Appendix 2.2 - Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Report ES_Appendix_2.2.pdf
ES Appendix 2.3 - letter from SCDC re. scoping opinion ES_Appendix_2.3.pdf
ES Appendix 2.4 - EIA team response to scoping opinion ES_Appendix_2.4.pdf
ES Appendix 2.5 - EIA record of consultation ES_Appendix_2.5.pdf
SUPERCEDED ES Appendix 4.1 - Construction Environmental Management Plan ES_Appendix_4.1.pdf
ES Appendix 4.2 - Outline Site Waste Management Plan ES_Appendix_4.2.pdf
SUPERCEDED ES Appendix 4.3 - Operational Waste Strategy ES_Appendix_4.3.pdf
ES Appendix 5.1 LVIA Methodology ES_Appendix_5.1.pdf
ES Appendix 5.3 National Planning Policy ES_Appendix_5.2.pdf
ES Appendix 5.3 Local Planning Policy ES_Appendix_5.3.pdf
ES Appendix 5.4 National, Regional and Local Landscape Character Assessment (Extracts) ES_Appendix_5.4.pdf
ES Appendix 5.5 Consultation Correspondence ES_Appendix_5.5.pdf
ES Appendix 5.6 - Cumulative Assessment ES_Appendix_5.6.pdf
ES Appendix 6.1 Part 2 - Archaeology ES_Appendix_6.1_Part_2.pdf
ES Appendix 6.2 - Geophysical Survey ES_Appendix_6.2.pdf
ES Appendix 7.1 - Species Legislation and Nature Conservation ES_Appendix_7.1.pdf
ES Appendix 7.11 - Invertebrate Survey Report ES_Appendix_7.11.pdf
SUPERCEDED ES Appendix 7.2 - Phase I Habitat Survey Report ES_Appendix_7.2.pdf
ES Appendix 7.3 - Arable Field Survey Report ES_Appendix_7.3.pdf
ES Appendix 7.4 - Hedgerow Survey Report ES_Appendix_7.4.pdf
SUPERCEDED ES Appendix 7.5 - Bat Survey Report ES_Appendix_7.5.pdf
SUPERCEDED ES Appendix 7.6 - Great Crested Newt Survey Report ES_Appendix_7.6.pdf
SUPERCEDED ES Appendix 7.7 - Reptile Survey Report ES_Appendix_7.7.pdf
ES Appendix 7.8 - Ornithological Report ES_Appendix_7.8.pdf
SUPERCEDED ES Appendix 7.9 - Water Vole Survey Report ES_Appendix_7.9.pdf
SUPERCEDED ES Appendix 8.1 - Transport Assessment appendices ES_Appendix_8.1_Appendices.pdf
ES Appendix 8.1 - Transport Assessment Volume 1 ES_Appendix_8.1.pdf
SUPERCEDED ES Appendix 8.2 - Framework Travel Plan ES_Appendix_8.2.pdf
ES Appendix 9.1 - Air quality assessment ES_Appendix_9.1.pdf
SUPERCEDED ES Appendix 10.1 - Phase 1 Geo-environmental Preliminary Risk Assessment 611787_ES_Appendix_10.1_Redacted.pdf
SUPERCEDED ES Appendix 11.1 - Flood Risk Assessment & Surface Water Drainage Strategy 612382_ES_Appendix_11.1_Redacted.pdf
SUPERCEDED ES Appendix 13.1 - Health Impact Assessment 612389_ES_Appendix_13.1_Redacted.pdf
ES Appendix 6.1 - Archaeological Desk-based Assessment Part 1 612392_ES_Appendix_6.1_Part_1_Redacted.pdf
CIN press advert CIN_press_advert.pdf
Neighbour comments Neighbour_comments.pdf
neighbour comment Neighbour_Comments_-_Land_adjacent_to_Waterbeach_Barracks.pdf
LLFA comments 201102892.pdf
Fire and rescue comments 2075-18.pdf
Drainage Engineers Comments 2075-18_Drainage_Engineer_Comment.pdf
Parish Council Comments Cottenham 2075-18_Parish_Council_Comments.pdf
CIN press notice CIN_press_notice.pdf
Objectors Comments REDACTED 2075-18_-_Objectors_Comment_Redacted.pdf
Highway England Comments 2075-18_Highway_England_Comment.pdf
Neighbour Request REDACTED 2075-18_Neighbour_Request_Redacted.pdf
neighbour comments SL-2075-18-OL_Waterbeach_Cycling_Campaign_comments.pdf
Neighbour Comments REDACTED 2075-18_Concerned_Residents_Redacted.pdf
Email Request REDACTED 2075-18_Email_Request_Redacted.pdf
Redacted interested party comments Waterbeach District Bridleways Group Interested_party_comments_Redacted.pdf
Redacted interested party comments Interested_party_comments__Redacted.pdf
Redacted interested party comments Interested_party_comments_Redacted.pdf
Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government comments s-2075-18.pdf
Ecology Officer Comments 2075-18_-_Ecology_Officer_Comments.pdf
CPRE Comments 2075-18_CPRE_Comments.pdf
Parish Council Comments REDACTED Fen Ditton 2075-18_Parish_Council_Comments_Redacted.pdf
Shared Waste Service Comments REDACTED 2075-18_Shared_Water_Service_Comments_Redacted.pdf
Sports England Comments 2075-18_Sports_England.pdf
Redacted interested party comments Interested_party_comments_Redacted.pdf
Neighbour Objection Comments 2075-18_Neighbour_Objection_Comments.pdf
Neighbour Objection Comments REDACTED 2075-18_Neighbour_Objections_Comments_Redacted.pdf
Neighbour Objection Comments REDACTED 2075-18_Objectors_Comments_Redacted.pdf
Redacted neighbour comments Neighbour_comments_Redacted.pdf
Parish Council comments Horningsea Parish_Council_comments_.pdf
Anglian Water comments 28974_Waterbeach_AW_Response.pdf
Farmland musuem comments Response_to_S-2075-18-OL__from_The_Chair_of_Trustees_of_the_Farmlaand_Museum_.pdf
Neighbour comments Neighbour_comment_-Land_adjacent_to_WATERBEACH_BARRACKS_&_AIRFIELD_SITE,_Waterbeach,_Cambridgeshire.pdf
Wildlife Trust Comments REDACTED 2075-18__Wildlife_Trust_comments_Redacted.pdf
British Horse Society Objection Comments 2075-18_British_Horse_Society_Objections.pdf
Definitive Map Officer Comments 2075-18_Definitive_Map_Officer_Comments.pdf
Neighbour Objection Letter REDACTED 2075-18_Neighbour_Objection_Letter_Redacted.pdf
NHS England Comments REDACTED 2075-18_NHS_England_Comments_Redacted.pdf
Objection Comments REDACTED 2075-18_Objection_Comments_Redacted.pdf
Parish Council Comments REDACTED Milton 2075-18_Parish_Council_Comments_Redacted.pdf
Redacted neighbour coments Neighbour_comments_redacted.pdf
East Cambs DC comments EXT-00011-18_4500_dwellings_east_letter.pdf
National Trust comments NTresponse-Waterbeach-S-2075-18-OL-2018.07.25.pdf
Highways England comments S-2075-18-OL_Rec.pdf
Natural England comments 250163_Waterbeach_New_Town_Phase_2_S207518OL.pdf
Historic England comments S207518OL_HERef_P00938212_L322274.pdf
Smarter Cambridge Transport Waterbeach_1d.pdf
Contaminated land 180830_Planning_Consultation_S-2075-18-OL_Waterbeach_New_Town_East.pdf
Archaeology comments Archaeology_comments.pdf
Interested Party Comments Interested_Party_Comments.pdf
EA Response EA_response.pdf
Parish Comments - Waterbeach WPC_RLW_Final_Comments_25.07.18.pdf
Environmental health comments 261018_Final_response_to_planning_RLW.pdf
English Heritage comments Response_to_Denny_AppRLW.pdf
Highways England comments S-2075-18-OL_Rec.pdf
Envirocheck Context Envirocheck_A_Context.pdf
Envirocheck Datasheet Envirocheck_A_Datasheet.pdf
Envirocheck Geology Datasheet Envirocheck_A_GeologyDatasheet.pdf
Envirocheck Historical Section Envirocheck_A_HistSeg2500.pdf
Envirocheck Historical Section LIst Envirocheck_A_HistSegList2500.csv
Envirocheck Historical Slice Envirocheck_A_HistSlice10000.pdf
Envirocheck Historical Slice List Envirocheck_A_HistSliceList10000.csv
Envirocheck Site Sensitivity Soil Geology Envirocheck_A_SiteSenSlice10000_Soil_Geochemistry.pdf
Envirocheck Site Sensitivity Map 2500 Envirocheck_A_SiteSenstivityMap2500.pdf
Envirocheck Site Sensitivity Map 10000 Envirocheck_A_SiteSenstivityMap10000.pdf
Envirocheck Text Envirocheck_A_Text.csv
Envirocheck Index Envirocheck_Index.pdf
Interested Party comments 698680_S_2075_18_OL_Letter_re_swift_bricks.pdf
Waterbeach Drainage Board Comments SKM1820282018120314076.pdf
Redacted Highways England comments S-2075-18-OL_Rec_Redacted.pdf
Design & Access Statement Part 1 AMENDED Design_&_Access_Statement_Part_1_AMENDED.pdf
Design & Access Statement Part 2a AMENDED Design_&_Access_Statement_Part_2a_AMENDED.pdf
Design & Access Statement Part 2b AMENDED Design_&_Access_Statement_Part_2b_AMENDED.pdf
Design & Access Statement Part 3 AMENDED Design_&_Access_Statement_Part_3_AMENDED.pdf
Design & Access Statement Part 4 AMENDED Design_&_Access_Statement_Part_4_AMENDED.pdf
Design & Access Statement Part 5a AMENDED Design_&_Access_Statement_Part_5A_AMENDED.pdf
Design & Access Statement Part 5b AMENDED Design_&_Access_Statement_Part_5b_AMENDED.pdf
Design & Access Statement Part 6a AMENDED Design_&_Access_Statement_Part_6a_AMENDED.pdf
Design & Access Statement Part 6b AMENDED Design_&_Access_Statement_Part_6b_AMENDED.pdf
Design & Access Statement Part 7 AMENDED Design_&_Access_Statement_Part_7_AMENDED.pdf
Design & Access Statement schedule of changes Schedule_of_Changes-Design_and_Access_Statement.pdf
Design & Access Statement schedule of consistency with SPD Schedule_of_Consistency_with_SPD_NEW.pdf
Energy Strategy Report AMENDED Energy_Statement_AMENDED.pdf
Planning and Delivery Statement Addendum AMENDED Planning_and_Delivery_Statement_Addendum_AMENDED.pdf
Revisions Cover Letter and Revised Document Schedule AMENDED Revisions_Cover_Letter_and_Revised_Document_Schedule_AMENDED.pdf
Sustainability Statement AMENDED Sustainability_Statement_AMENDED.pdf
Illustrative_Masterplan AMENDED Illustrative_Masterplan_AMENDED.pdf
Parameters_Plans_all AMENDED Parameters_Plans_all_AMENDED.pdf
Parameter plans and illustrative masterplan Schedule_of_Changes Schedule_of_Changes.pdf
Environmental Statement AMENDED Environmental_Statement_AMENDED.pdf
ES_Appendix_4.1 - Construction Environmental Management Plan AMENDED ES_Appendix_4.1_-_Construction_Environmental_Management_Plan_AMENDED.pdf
ES_Appendix_4.3 - Operational Waste Strategy AMENDED ES_Appendix_4.3_-_Operational_Waste_Strategy_AMENDED.pdf
ES_Appendix_7.2 - Phase 1 Habitat Survey Report AMENDED ES_Appendix_7.2_-_Phase_1_Habitat_Survey_Report_AMENDED.pdf
ES_Appendix_7.5 - Bat Survey Report AMENDED ES_Appendix_7.5_-_Bat_Survey_Report_AMENDED.pdf
ES_Appendix_7.6 - Great Crested Newt Survey Report AMENDED ES_Appendix_7.6_-_Great_Crested_Newt_Survey_Report_AMENDED.pdf
ES_Appendix_7.7 - Reptile Survey Report AMENDED ES_Appendix_7.7_-_Reptile_Survey_Report_AMENDED.pdf
ES_Appendix_7.9 - Water Vole Survey Report AMENDED ES_Appendix_7.9_-_Water_Vole_Survey_Report_AMENDED.pdf
ES_Appendix_7.12 - Fenland Experience NEW ES_Appendix_7.12_-_Fenland_Experience_NEW.pdf
ES_Appendix_7.13 - Biodiversity Impact Assessment Summary ES_Appendix_7.13_-_Biodiversity_Impact_Assessment_Summary.pdf
ES_Appendix_8.2 - Transport Assessment Appendices AMENDED ES_Appendix_8.2_-_Transport_Assessment_Appendices_AMENDED.pdf
ES_Appendix_11.1 - Flood Risk Assessment & Surface Water Drainage Strategy AMENDED ES_Appendix_11.1_-_Flood_Risk_Assessment_&_Surface_Water_Drainage_Strategy_AMENDED.pdf
ES_Appendix_11.2 - Water Strategy AMENDED ES_Appendix_11.2_-_Water_Strategy_AMENDED.pdf
ES_Appendix_11.3 - Utilities Statement AMENDED ES_Appendix_11.3_-_Utilities_Statement_AMENDED.pdf
ES_Figure_5.7a- Representive viewpoints AMENDED ES_Figure_5.7a-_Representive_viewpoints_AMENDED.pdf
ES_Figure_5.7b- Representive viewpoints AMENDED ES_Figure_5.7b-_Representive_viewpoints_AMENDED.pdf
ES_Figure_7.1 - SSSIs AMENDED ES_Figure_7.1_-_SSSIs_AMENDED.pdf
Environmental Statement Non Technical Summary Update AMENDED Environmental_Statement_Non_Technical_Summary_Update_AMENDED.pdf
ES_Appendix_13.1 - Health Impact Assessment AMENDED ES_Appendix_13.1_-_Health_Impact_Assessment_AMENDED_1.pdf
ES_Appendix_8.1 - Transport Assessment AMENDED ES_Appendix_8.1_-_Transport_Assessment_AMENDED_1.pdf
ES_Appendix_10.1 - Phase 1 Geo-environmental Preliminary Risk Assessment AMENDED ES_Appendix_10.1_-_Phase_1_Geo-environmental_Preliminary_Risk_Assessment_AMENDED_1_2.pdf
National Grid NATIONAL_GRID_EA_TE_Z5_3NWP_017352_1_24892_2075-18_S207518OL_ESRI.pdf
National Grid NATIONAL_GRID_EA_TE_Z5_3NWP_017352_1_24892_2075-18.pdf
Interested Party - Redacted QQTVRCLK_-_Form_2075-18_Redacted.pdf
Anglian Water comments Anglian_Water_Authority_comments_.pdf
East Cambs DC comments EXT-00011-18_4,500_dwellings_east_letter_May_2019.pdf
Redacted interested party comments Interested_party_comments_Redacted.pdf
Redacted interested party comments Interested_party_comments_-_redacted.pdf
FULL Interested party comment -Redacted FHPJSXDC_-_Form-_Redacted.pdf
Redacted interested party comments Interested_Party_Comments-_Redacted.pdf
Milton Parish council additional comments Parish.pdf
Designing Out Crime Officer Designing_Out_Crime_Officer.pdf
Parish Comments Redact FLGDRDGV_-_Form_Redacted.pdf
Highways england comment redacted 16/05/2019 Highways_England_Comment_Redacted.pdf
Local Lead Flood Authority comments LLFA_comments.pdf
Drainage officer Comments 2019-05-18_S-2075-18-OL_LA_Waterbeach_Barracks.pdf
Interested Party Comments Redact Interested_Party_Comments_Redacted.pdf
Interested Party Comments Redact Interested_Party_Comments_Redacted.pdf
Parish Comments Parish_Comments.pdf
Anglian Water Comments PLN-0058176_-_Planning_Report.pdf
Interested Party Comments Redact DDLPPTZF_-_Form_Redacted.pdf
Interested Party Comments Redact PVCHLNXP_-_Form_Redacted.pdf
Camcycle comments Camcyle_comments_1.pdf
Waterbeach cycle campaign comments S-2075-18-OL_-_Waterbeach_Cycle_Campaign_Objection.pdf
Fen Ditton Parish Council comments 2019_05_29_Waterbeach_4500_dwellings_S2075_18_OL_-RLW_-_FDPC_Response_2.pdf
Wildlife trust comment Wildlife_Trust_Comments.pdf
Natural England Comments Waterbeach_New_Town_Phase_2_Amendments_S207518OL.pdf
Highways england comment redacted 01/07/2019 Highways_england_comment_Redacted.pdf
Contaminated land officer's comments 190715_Planning_Consultation_S-2075-18-OL_Waterbeach_New_Town_East.pdf
HTS Name: wphappdetail03-default.hts
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