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Hatley CP

Church of St Denis, East Hatley, Hatley, Sandy, Cambridgeshire, SG19 3JA

Replacement windows to Nave, Replacement Door to North Porch, Internal and External Repairs

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Description Filename
Application Form Redact Application_Form_Redacted_1.pdf
Dwg No 100 - Location & Site Plan SUPERSEDED Dwg_No_100.pdf
Dwg No 101 - Ground Floor Plan as Existing - APPROVED - 17/11/17 Dwg_No_101.pdf
Dwg No 102 - Ceiling Plan as Existing - APPROVED - 17/11/17 Dwg_No_102.pdf
Dwg No 103 - Roof Plan as Existing - APPROVED - 17/11/17 Dwg_No_103.pdf
Dwg No 104 - Cross Sections A&B as Existing - APPROVED - 17/11/17 Dwg_No_104.pdf
Dwg No 105 - Section C as Existing - APPROVED - 17/11/17 Dwg_No_105.pdf
Dwg No 106 - Section D as Existing- 17/11/17 Dwg_No_106.pdf
Dwg No 201 - Ground Floor Plan as Proposed - APPROVED - 17/11/17 Dwg_No_201.pdf
Dwg No 202 - Plans Dwg_No_202_shown_as_201.pdf
Dwg No 203 - Plans - APPROVED - 17/11/17 Dwg_No_203.pdf
Heritage Statement Heritage_Impact_Assessment.pdf
Phase 1 Specification Phase_1_Specification.pdf
CIN press advert CIN_advert.pdf
Neighbour Comments Neighbour_Comments.pdf
Historic England Comments _S170117FL_-_Historic_England.pdf
Contaminated Land comments Contaminated_Land_comments_.pdf
Trees Comments S_1701_17_FL.pdf
Highway Comments 17-1701-FL_Church_of_St_Denis,_East_Hatley.pdf
Wildlife Trust Comments Conservation_Comments_1701-17.pdf
Hatley Parish Council Letter REDACTED Letter_to_SCDC_St_Denis's_Planning_Applications_July_2017_(002)_Redacted.pdf
Hatley Parish Council Comment - REDACTED SCDC_S170117FL_St_Denis's_Church_(002)_Redacted.pdf
Bat report received 04102017 S694_BatSurvey_v2.0_20171003.pdf
Amended Site Location Plan received 14072017 - APPROVED - 17/1/117 100-AA3L_revised_site_location_plan_received_14072017.pdf
Conservation Officers Emails 1701-17_Conservation_Officers_Emails.pdf
Decision Notice DN_Planning_Permission_4455.pdf
Copy of press notice Copy_of_press_notice.pdf
Delegation report - 17/11/17 s-1701-17_delegation_report.pdf
Historic Buildings comments Historic_Buildings_comments.pdf
HTS Name: wphappdetail03-default.hts
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