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Full Planning (Small Major)

Babraham CP Sawston CP

Land North of Dales Manor Business Park, West Way, Sawston, Cambs

Solar Farm and Associated Development

Appeal Determined

The appeal has been determined and the applicant will be sent a letter notifying them of the decision.

This application has already been decided. You cannot comment on it

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Description Filename
Application Form No Personal Data ApplicationFormNoPersonalData.pdf
Agricultural Resources Report Ag_Resources_Final.pdf
Biodiversity Management Plan Biodiversity_Management_Plan.pdf
Construction Methodology Plan - Pre Construction Phase Construction_Methodology_Plan_v1_0.pdf
Decommissioning Plan - Pre-Construction Phase DC1_Decommissioning_Plan_v1.1.pdf
Design and Access Statement Design_and_Access_Statement.pdf
Ecology Report Part 1 of 2 Ecology_Report_Sawston_180614_Part_1.pdf
Ecology Report Part 2 of 2 Ecology_Report_Sawston_180614_Part_2.pdf
Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment - Figures Volume LVIA_-_A3_Figures_Vol_June_2014.pdf
Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment Part 1 LVIA__June_2014_Part_1.pdf
Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment Part 2 LVIA__June_2014_Part_2.pdf
Planning Statement Planning_Statement.pdf
Dwg No PVF/CB2/0 Rev C - Site Layout PVF-CB2-02C_Site_Layout-Z.pdf
Dwg No CB2/08 - Control_Building PVF-CB2-08_Control_Building-z.pdf
Dwg No PVF/CB2/09 - Customer Room PVF-CB2-09_Customer_Room-z.pdf
Dwg No PVF/CB2/10 - Inverter Transformer Station PVF-CB2-10_Inverter_Transformer_Station-z.pdf
Dwg No CB2/1 Rev - Site - Layout PVF-CB2-11B_Site_Layout_A1-z.pdf
Dwg No PVF/CB21 Rev A Site Block Plan PVF-CB2-12A_Site_Block_Plan_A-z.pdf
Dwg No PVF/CB2/13 Rev A- Site Block Plan PVF-CB2-13A_Site_Block_Plan_B-_z.pdf
Dwg No PVF/CB2/14 Rev A Site Block Plan PVF-CB2-14A_Site_Block_Plan_C.pdf
Dwg No PVF/CB2/15 Rev A Site Location Plan PVF-CB2-15A_Site_Location_Plan.pdf
Dwg No PVF/CB2/17 Rev A Planning Boundaries PVF-CB2-17A_Planning_Boundaries-z.pdf
Dwg No PVF/CB2/18 - Filter Trenches PVF-CB2-18_Filter_Trenches-z.pdf
Dwg No PVF/CB2/19 - Standard - Details PVF-CB2-19_Standard_Details-z.pdf
Desk Based Assessment Part 1 of 2 RevSawstonSF_DBA_Part_1.pdf
Dwg No SSF 32001 - Proposed Planting Strategy Sawston_Planting_Strategy_180614_rev_2.pdf
Statement of Community Involvement SOCI_FINAL.pdf
Traffic Managemen Plan TM1_Traffic_Management_Plan_v1.1.pdf
Covering Letter Covering_Letter-z.pdf
Notice Letters 169126_Notice_Letters.pdf
Dwg No CB2/07 - Mini Substation 169130_PVF-CB2-07_Mini_Substation.pdf
Flood Risk Assessment 169093_1278-RE-05-14-01FRA.pdf
Flood Risk Assessment Page i Flood_Risk_Assessment_Page_i.pdf
Neighbours Notified 1615-14_Neigbours_Notified.doc
AMENDED 21 AUG 14 - Introduction of Bee Hives Bee_Hives.pdf
AMENDED 21 AUG 14 - Connection Detail Dwg No PVF-CB2-22B.pdf
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 5 SEP 14 - Covering Letter 1st Sept 14 Letter_1_Sept_14.pdf
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 5 SEP 14 - Noise Inverters Noise_Inverters.pdf
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 5 SEP 14 - Covering Letter 2nd Sept 14 Letter_2_Sep_14.pdf
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 5 SEP 14 - Vehicle Sweep Paths & Visibility Splays Dwg_No_PVF-CB2-24.pdf
AMENDED 2 OCT 14 - Visibility Splays & Swept Path Dwg_No_JNY8345-01.pdf
AMENDED 2 OCT 14 - Vision Statement %%filename.panot%%%
AMENDED 2 OCT 14 - Dwg No PVF-CB2-19 Rev A Standard_Details.pdf
AMENDED 2 OCT 14 - Panels, CCTV & Fence Panels,_CCTV_&_Fence.pdf
Landscape_&_Biodiversity_Scheme_1_of_3 Landscape_&_Biodiversity_Scheme_1_of_3.pdf
Landscape_&_Biodiversity_Scheme_2_of_3 Landscape_&_Biodiversity_Scheme_2_of_3.pdf
Landscape_&_Biodiversity_Scheme_3_of_3 Landscape_&_Biodiversity_Scheme_3_of_3.pdf
AMENDED 2 OCT 14 - Construction_Methodology_Plan Construction_Methodology_Plan.pdf
Culvert Detail 1 of 2 Dwg_No_PVF-CB2-27.pdf
Culvert Detail 2 of 2 Dwg_No_PVF-CB2-28.pdf
Decision Notice 1615-14_dn.pdf
Appeal Decision - APPEAL DISMISSED Sawston_S-1615-14-FL_Sawston_Solar_Farm_Ltd.pdf
HTS Name: wphappdetail03-default.hts
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