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Hinxton CP

Land adjacent to Pettetts Barn, High Street, Hinxton, Saffron Walden, CB10 1RF

Single storey detached dwelling with basement, detached garage and parking.

Appeal Determined

The appeal has been determined and the applicant will be sent a letter notifying them of the decision.

This application has already been decided. You cannot comment on it

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Description Filename
Application Form REDACTED ApplicationFormNoPersonalData.pdf
Landscape Appraisal Landscape Appraisal.pdf
Arboricultural Report Arboricultural Report.pdf
261-PA-01 Site Location Plan 261-PA-01-Site Location Plan 1-1250.pdf
261-PA-08 Garage Elevations 261-PA-08-Garage 1-100.pdf
261-PA-07 North & East Elevations 261-PA-07-Elevations 2 1-100.pdf
261-PA-06 South & West Elevations 261-PA-06-Elevations 1 1-100.pdf
261-PA-05 Sections 1 & 2 261-PA-05-Sections 1-100.pdf
261-PA-04 Ground Floor Plan 261-PA-04-Ground Floor Plan 1-100.pdf
261-PA-03 Basement Floor Plan 261-PA-03-Basement Plan 1-100.pdf
261-PA-02 Block Plan 261-PA-02-Block Plan 1-500(1).pdf
Proposed North End Road View Proposed North End Rd View.jpg
Existing North End Rd View Existing North End Rd View.jpg
Proposed View of High St and North End Road Proposed View of High St and North End Rd Junction.jpg
Existing View of High St and North End Rd Existing view of High St and North End Rd Junction.jpg
Topograhic Survey Topograhic Survey.pdf
DAS Document DAS Document.pdf
Prelim Ecological Appraisal 14-02-2018 - Hinxton - PEA.pdf
Planning & Heritage Statement - REDACTED 581755_PLANNING_and_HERITAGE_Pettetts_Barn_-_06-04-18_Redacted.pdf
Landscape Appraisal - redacted 581771_Landscape_Appraisal_Appendices_Redacted.pdf
Neighbour comments - 82 High Street Neighbour_comments.pdf
Interested Party 1373_Interested_Party.pdf
111 High Street, Hinxton - Comments BARN.........pdf
Neighbour Comment 1373------.pdf
Drainage Officer Comments 1373-18_Drainage_Officer_Comment.pdf
Interested Party Comment 1373-18_Interested_Party_Comment.pdf
Neighbour comments - 101A High Street Neighbours_comments_.pdf
Neighbour comments - 1 High Street Neighbour_comments_.pdf
Neighbour comments - 7 North End Road Neighbour_comments_.pdf
Proposed Landscaping Proposed_Landscaping.pdf
Local Member Comments 1373-18_General_Comments.pdf
General Comments 1373-.pdf
Neighbour Comments- 85 High Street Neighbour_Comments.pdf
Interested Party Comments- 39 High Street Interested_Party_Comments.pdf
Neighbour Comments- 89 High St, Neighbour_Comments.pdf
Interested Party Comments - 4, Mill Lane, Interested_Party_Comments.pdf
Neighbour comments- 107 High Street Neighbour_comments_-_107_High_Street.pdf
Neighbour comments - 5 North End Road s-1373-18-fl.doc
Neighbour comments - 5 North End Road photo-a.jpg
Neighbour comments - 5 North End Road photo-b.JPG
Neighbour comments - 5 North End Road photo-c.JPG
Neighbour comments - 5 North End Road photo-d.JPG
Neighbour comments - 5 North End Road photo-e.JPG
Neighbour comments - 5 North End Road photo-f.JPG
Neighbour comments - 109 High Street Neighbour_comments_-_109_High_Street.pdf
Historic England comments S137318FL_HERef_P00882930_L315318.pdf
CIN advert CIN_advert.pdf
Historic buildings comments S_1373_18_FL_Land_adj_Pettetts_Barn_Hinxton.pdf
Landscape Plan FAGG911.01.S04_LANDSCAPE_PLAN.pdf
Letter from Beacon Planning - REDACTED 1373-18_Letter_in_response_to_CO_comments_Redacted.pdf
Decision Notice DN_Planning_Refusal_1373.pdf
Delegation report Committee_report.pdf
Appeal Form APPEAL_FORM.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Preliminary Ecological Appraisal 14-02-2018_-_Hinxton_-_PEA.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Site Location Plan 261-PA-01-Site_Location_Plan_1-1250.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Block Plan 261-PA-02-Block_Plan_1-500(1).pdf
Appellant's Docs - Basement Plan 261-PA-03-Basement_Plan_1-100.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Ground Floor Plans 261-PA-04-Ground_Floor_Plan_1-100.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Sections 261-PA-05-Sections_1-100.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Elevations 1 261-PA-06-Elevations_1_1-100.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Elevations 2 261-PA-07-Elevations_2_1-100.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Garage 261-PA-08-Garage_1-100.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Photo 1151368-780387_-_Photo.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Photo 1151368-780388_-_Photo.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Photo 1151368-780389_-_Photo.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Photo 1151368-780390_-_Photo.pdf
Appellant's Docs - 3D Plans 1151368-793618.pdf
Appellant's Docs - 3D Plans 1151368-793619.jpg
Appellant's Docs - 3D Plans 1151368-793620.pdf
Appellant's Docs - 3D Plans 1151368-793621.pdf
Appellant's Docs - 3D Plans 1151368-793622.pdf
Appellant's Docs - 3D Plans 1151368-793623.pdf
Appellant's Docs - 3D Plans 1151368-793624.pdf
Appellant's Docs - 3D Plans 1151368-793625.pdf
Appellant's Docs - 3D Plans 1151368-793626.pdf
Appellant's Docs - 3D Plans 1151368-793627.pdf
Appellant's Docs - 3D Plans 1151368-793628.pdf
Appellant's Docs - 3D Plans 1151368-793629.pdf
Appellant's Docs - 3D Plans 1151368-793630.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Appeal Statement Appeal_Statement_Sept_18.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Arboricultural Report Arb_report.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Costs Application Form costs_application_form_3_completed_Final.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Design & Access Statement DAS.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Tree Plan FAGG911_tree_plan.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Letter in response to CO comments 27 June 18 Letter_in_response_to_CO_comments_27_6_18_Redacted.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Letter in response to concerns 17 May 18 Letter_in_response_to_concerns_17_May_18_Redacted.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Letter re: 5 year Land Supply Letter_regarding_five_year_23_May_Redacted.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Missing Text from Costs Form Missing_text_from_costs_form.pdf
Appellant's Docs - LVA Appendix 2 Pettetts_Barn,_High_Street,_Hinxton_LVA_APPENDIX_2_April_2018.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Arboricultural Survey Pettetts_Barn,_Hinxton_Arb_Survey_March_2018.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Tree Constraints Plan Pettetts_Barn,_Hinxton_TCP_01_04-04-2018.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Planning & Heritage Statement Planning_and_heritage_statement.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Plans & Docs submitted with Application Plans_and_documents_submitted_with_application_S.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Post Submission Addtn'l Info & Corresp Post_submission_additional_information_and_correspondence.pdf
Appellant's Docs - LVA Report April 2018 Proposed_residential_development_at_Pettetts_Barn,_High_Street,_Hinxton__LVA_Report_April_2018.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Section Plan Section.pdf
Appellant's Docs - Topographical Survey Topographical_survey.pdf
LPA Statement of Case 3212846_-_LPA_SOC.pdf
Appendix A - Decision Notice Appendix_A_-_Decision_notice_-_S-1373-18-FL.pdf
Appendix B - Land Supply Calculations Appendix_B_-_Land_Supply_Calculations.pdf
Appendix C - Reigate & Banstead BC V SSCLG Appendix_C_-_Reigate_&_Banstead_BC_V_SSCLG.pdf
Appendix D - Policy HQ1 - Design Principles Appendix_D_-_Policy_HQ1_-_Design_Principles.pdf
Appendix D - Policy NH13 - Important Countryside Frontage Appendix_D_-_Policy_NH13_-_Important_Countryside_Frontage.pdf
Appendix D - Policy NH14 - Heritage Assets Appendix_D_-_Policy_NH14_-_Heritage_Assets.pdf
Appendic D - Policy S7 - Development Frameworks Appendix_D_-_Policy_S7_-_Development_Frameworks.pdf
Appendix E - Housing Delivery Test Appendix_E_-_Housing_Delivery_Test.pdf
Appendix F - Decision notice - S-0202-93-F Appendix_F_-_Decision_notice_-_S-0202-93-F.pdf
Appendix G - Appeal Decision - 3220227 Appendix_G_-_Appeal_Decision_-_3220227.pdf
Appendix H - Appeal Decision - 3204159 Appendix_H_-_Appeal_Decision_-_3204159.pdf
Appendix I - Suggested List of Conditions Appendix_I_-_Suggested_List_of_Conditions.pdf
Appeal Decision from PINS Appeal_Decision_3212846__.pdf
HTS Name: wphappdetail03-default.hts
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