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Outline Planning (Large Major)

Impington CP

Land to the south of Milton Road, Impington, Cambs

Outline application for planning permission with all matters other than access reserved, for the development of up to 50 residential dwellings and a Community Park to provide recreation and leisure facilities, including a community building, and associated works.

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Description Filename
Application Form - Without Personal Data ApplicationFormNoPersonalData.pdf
How the fee was calculated FeeCalculation.pdf
A summary of the attachments in the proposal AttachmentSummary.pdf
Development appraisal report development appraisal report with appendices.pdf
Health impact assessment milton rd health impact assessment april 2019.pdf
Sequential test assessment April 2019 - Appendices sequential test assessment april 2019_appendices.pdf
Milton Road project report milton road project report 281017.pdf
Landscape and visual impact assessment - Appendix b 1986 lvia appendix b lcas 19 01 17 lr.pdf
Landscape and visual impact assessment - Appendix a 1986 lvia appendix a figures 1 9 19 01 17.pdf
Landscape and Visual impact Assessment 1986 lvia 19 01 17.pdf
Tree Survey or Arboricultural implications 7054 d aia milton road impington.pdf
Tree Survey or Arboricultural implications 7054 aia milton road impington.pdf
Transport Assessment 1607-27 transport statement ts01.pdf
The location plan redline boundary plan milton rd impington.pdf
Sustainability appraisal energy and sustainability statement milton road impington v2.pdf
Statement of community involvement milton rd statement of community involvement april 2019_appendices.pdf
Landscape masterplan 1986 a2 01 b landscape masterplan lr.pdf
Building heights parameter plan building heights parameter plan milton rd impington.pdf
Land use and access parameter plan land use and access parameter plan milton rd impington.pdf
Planning statement planning statement april 2019.pdf
Land contamination assessment uk19 4366 milton road impington phase i desk study (issue 1 ).pdf
SuDs Infiltration feaibility app f3 c2 suds infiltration feasibility_0.pdf
Site Photographs app c1 10 6977 site photos.pdf
Proposed drainage layout app j1 10-6997_xx dr d2000 p1 proposed drainage layout.pdf
Flood risk assessment app h1 ea flood map planning 2019 02 07t17_40_26.567z.pdf
Wider drainage improvement app l1 10 6997_xx dr d2060 wider drainage improvement plan.pdf
Record boreholes logs app f2 bgs record borehole logs.pdf
Existing Drainage layout app d1 10 6997_xx dr d2050 p1 existing drainage layout.pdf
Topograhical land survey app b5.pdf
Topograhical land survey app b3.pdf
Surface water flooding app i1 ea surface water flooding.pdf
Topograhical land survey app b2.pdf
Anglian Water asset plan app e1 anglian water asset plan.pdf
Anglian water pre development response app k1 aw predevelopment response.pdf
Topograhical land survey app b5 topo 5820 1 sheet5.pdf
Awarded Watercourse Location plan app d2 10 6977 award drains.pdf
Landscape masterplan app g1 landscape masterplan pdf 01.pdf
Topograhical land survey app b4.pdf
Site visit observations app c2 site visit observations.pdf
Geology information app f1 bgs mapping.pdf
Flood risk assessment and drainage strategy 2 land at milton road impington fra and drainage strategy 2019_02_14 text only (1).pdf
Site visit app c3 site visit with cambs fw.pdf
Site location plan app b1.pdf
Biodiversity survey and report preliminary ecological appraisal milton road impington.pdf
Biodiversity survey and report re2018 006 flagship housing land off milton road impington bat survey report final.pdf
Archaeology Archaeology_1312-19.pdf
Sport England Sport_England_1312-19.pdf
CIN advert CIN_advert.pdf
Drainage 2019-04-20_S-1312-19-OL_LSO_Milton_Road_Impington.pdf
Redacted Fire and Rescue comments Fire_and_Rescue_comments_Redacted.pdf
Design and Access Statement milton_rd,_impington_(flagship_group)_-_design_and_access_statement_feb_2019_final.PDF
Cycle Comments - Redacted RRZMKNFS_-_Form_1312-19_Redacted.pdf
Environment Agency EA_response_1312-19.pdf
Comments - Redacted Neighbour_Coumments_1312-19_Redacted.pdf
Crime Prevention Crime_Prevention_1312-19.pdf
Crime Prevention Crime_Prevention_1312-19.pdf
Neighbour Comments - Redacted QZNZWBQX_-_Form_1312-19_Redacted.pdf
County Planning, Minerals and Waste - Redacted S-1312-19-OL_2019_04_29_MWPA_to_LPA_Redacted.pdf
Ecology 1312_19_OL_Land_to_the_South_of_MIlton_Road_-_Ecology.pdf
Trees Tree_Consultation_2019_04_29_-_S_1312_19_OL.pdf
Interested Party TBCQLWLZ_-_Form_objection.pdf
Health Specialist HIA_Impington_S_1312_19_OL.pdf
Interested Party VWCZFZXC_-_Form_1312-19_Redacted.pdf
Interested Party - Redacted VWCZFZXC_-Comments_regarding_Planning_Application_S1312-19_Redacted.pdf
Interested party - Redacted RBQQPGKG_-_Form_1312-19_Redacted.pdf
Interested Party - Redacted LBXZXGCJ_-_Form_1312-19_Redacted.pdf
Interested Party Milton_Road_objection_1312-19.pdf
Redacted interested party comments Interested_party_comments_-_redacted.pdf
Local Lead Flood Authority comments 201103840.pdf
Redacted interested party comments Interested_party_comments_-_redacted.pdf
Redacted interested party comments Interested_party_comments_-_redacted.pdf
Growth & Development officer Comments S106_Evidence__Milton_Road_Impington.pdf
Natural England Comments Natural_England.pdf
Redacted interested party comments Interested_party_comments_-_redacted.pdf
CIN advert CIN_advert.pdf
Neighbour Comments Redact SBNSCMFT_-_Form_Redacted.pdf
Neighbour Comments Redact WGFNMXFX_-_Form_Redacted.pdf
LHA Comments LHA_Comments.pdf
Redacted interested party comments Interested_party_comments_-_redacted.pdf
Interested party comments Neighbour_comments_2.pdf
Interested party comments Objections.docx
Interested party comments Interested_party_comments_3_1.pdf
Anglian Water comments PLN-0057779_-_Planning_Report.pdf
Neighbour Comments Redact NZVSSRKK_-_Form_Redacted.pdf
Redacted interested party comments Interested_party_comments_-_redacted.pdf
Landcape Comments 1312_19_OL_Landscape.pdf
interested party comments Redacted interested_party_comments_Redacted.pdf
Interested Party Comments Redact JKVHNWSD_-_Form_Redacted.pdf
Interested Party Comments Redact STDFVHGJ_-_Form_Redacted.pdf
Interested Party Comments Redact JVTSHLTV_-_Form_Redacted.pdf
Interested Party Comments Redact QNFDHRLF_-_Form_Redacted.pdf
Interested Party Comments Redact LVBMVHRC_-_Form_Redacted.pdf
Interested Party Comments Redact FDDTMCQD_-_Form_Redacted.pdf
Interested Party Comments Redact BRVQQLKP_-_Form_Redacted.pdf
Interested Party Comments Redact JQTLJGLP_-_Form_Redacted.pdf
Interested Party Comments Redact JQTLJGLP_-_Form_Redacted.pdf
Interested party comments Interested_party_comments_1_1.pdf
interested party comments_Redacted interested_party_comments_Redacted.pdf
Contamland Comments S-1312-19-OL_Land_S_of_Milton_Rd_Impington.pdf
Air quality officer's comments 190715__S131219OL_Land_to_South_of_Milton_Rd,_Impington.pdf
Air Qaulity officer's comments 190722__S462918FL_24,_Cambridge_Science_Park,_Milton.pdf
HTS Name: wphappdetail03-default.hts
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