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Outline Planning (Large Major)

Teversham CP

Land North Of Cherry Hinton, Coldhams Lane, Cambridge, CB1 3LG

Outline Planning Application (all matters reserved except means of access in respect of junction arrangements onto Coldhams Lane, Cherry Hinton Road and Airport Way) for a maximum of 1,200 residential dwellings (including retirement living facility (within Use Class C2/C3)), a local centre comprising uses within Use Class A1/A2/A3/A4/A5/B1a/D1/D2, primary and secondary schools, community facilities, open spaces, allotments, landscaping and associated infrastructure.

Out for Consultation

Neighbours, Parish Councils and statutory bodies have been invited to comment on the application and express their views to assess whether the scheme is acceptable. The planning officer will visit the site for inspection and assess the surrounding area, whilst considering relevant policies and consultation responses. If necessary the officer will collect site specific information, for example by taking photographs. The planning officer will then assess the information collected.

Associated Media

Plans, drawings and other material submitted to the local authority are protected by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (section 47). You may only use material which is downloaded and/or printed for consultation purposes, to compare current applications with previous schemes and to check whether developments have been completed in accordance with approved plans. Further copies must not be made without the prior permission of the copyright owner.

Description Filename
Application Form - SCDC ApplicationFormNoPersonalData.pdf
The Location Plan PL004-Location_plan.pdf
Site Plan PP001-Site_Plan(1).pdf
Illustrative Master Plan SK033-Illustrative_master_plan.pdf
Covering Letter - SCDC 230318_Application_cover_letter_District_1.pdf
Link to plans and documents - 18/0481/OUT Link_to_plans_&_docs.pdf
Cambridge City Council letter s-1231-18_-_Cambridge_City_Council.pdf
CIN advert CIN_advert.pdf
Objector comments - 36 Eland Way, Teversham Objector_comments.pdf
Letter from Savills REDACTED 1231-18_Letter_from_Savills_Redacted.pdf
NHS England REDACTED 1231.18_NHS_England_Redacted.pdf
Interested Party Comments Interested_Party_Comments.pdf
CIN advert CIN_advert.pdf
NHS England comments Planning_Application__S.1231.18_V2.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 1 updated LNCH_DAS_post_submission_amends_lo_res_1_pages_Part1.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 2 updated LNCH_DAS_post_submission_amends_lo_res_1_pages_Part2.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 3 updated LNCH_DAS_post_submission_amends_lo_res_1_pages_Part3.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 4 updated LNCH_DAS_post_submission_amends_lo_res_1_pages_Part4.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 5 updated LNCH_DAS_post_submission_amends_lo_res_1_pages_Part5.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 6 updated LNCH_DAS_post_submission_amends_lo_res_1_pages_Part6.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 7 updated LNCH_DAS_post_submission_amends_lo_res_1_pages_Part7.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 8 updated LNCH_DAS_post_submission_amends_lo_res_1_pages_Part8.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 9 updated LNCH_DAS_post_submission_amends_lo_res_1_pages_Part9.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 10 updated LNCH_DAS_post_submission_amends_lo_res_1_pages_Part10.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 11 updated LNCH_DAS_post_submission_amends_lo_res_1_pages_Part11.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 12 updated LNCH_DAS_post_submission_amends_lo_res_1_pages_Part12.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 13 updated LNCH_DAS_post_submission_amends_lo_res_1_pages_Part13.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 14 updated LNCH_DAS_post_submission_amends_lo_res_1_pages_Part14.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 15 updated LNCH_DAS_post_submission_amends_lo_res_1_pages_Part15.pdf
Design and Access Statement part 16 updated LNCH_DAS_post_submission_amends_lo_res_1_pages_Part16.pdf
Planning Statement updated Planning_Statement_updated_March_2019.pdf
Cherry Hinton Road & Gazelle Way junction 1_-_37305_5501_002_H.pdf
Indicative area of fill plan 37305_2001_119_P0_Indicative_Fill_Plan.pdf
Coldhams Lane junction 37305_5501_003_G_Option_1.pdf
Building heights parameter plan updated PS-PP004-Building_heights_parameter_plan.pdf
Environment Statement updated Environmental_Statement_(FULL)_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 1.1 updated Appendix_1.1_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 4.1 updated Appendix_4.1_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 5.1 updated Appendix_5.1_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 5.2 updated Appendix_5.2_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 5.3 updated Appendix_5.3_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 5.4 updated Appendix_5.4_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 5.7 updated Appendix_5.7_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 6.7 updated Appendix_6.7_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 6.8 new Appendix_6.8_-_NEW.docx
ES Appendix 6.9 new Appendix_6.9_-_NEW.pdf
ES Appendix 8.3 updated Appendix_8.3_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 10.1 updated Appendix_10.1_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 10.1 updated Appendix_10.1_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 10.2 updated Appendix_10.2_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 10.3 updated Appendix_10.3_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 10.4. updated Appendix_10.4_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 10.5 updated Appendix_10.5_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 10.6 updated Appendix_10.6_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 10.7 updated Appendix_10.7_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 10.8 updated Appendix_10.8_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 10.9 updated Appendix_10.9_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 10.10 updated Appendix_10.10_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 10.11 updated Appendix_10.11_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 10.12 updated Appendix_10.12_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 11.2 updated Appendix_11.2_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 11.3 updated Appendix_11.3_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Appendix 12.3 new Appendix_12.3_-_NEW.pdf
ES Appendix 12.4 new Appendix_12.4_-_NEW.pdf
ES Appendix 15.1 updated Appendix_15.1_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 4.3 updated Figure_4.3_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 4.7 updated Figure_4.7_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 4.8 updated Figure_4.8_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 5.6a updated Figure_5.6a_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 5.6b updated Figure_5.6b_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.1 updated Figure_9.1_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.2 updated Figure_9.2_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.3 updated Figure_9.3_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.4 updated Figure_9.4_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.5 updated Figure_9.5_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.6 updated Figure_9.6_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.7 updated Figure_9.7_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.8 updated Figure_9.8_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.9 updated Figure_9.9_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.10 updated Figure_9.10_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.11 updated Figure_9.11_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.12 updated Figure_9.12_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.13 updated Figure_9.13_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.14 updated Figure_9.14_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.15 updated Figure_9.15_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.16 updated Figure_9.16_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.17 updated Figure_9.17_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.18 updated Figure_9.18_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.19 updated Figure_9.19_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.20 updated Figure_9.20_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.21 updated Figure_9.21_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.22 updated Figure_9.22_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.23 updated Figure_9.23_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.24 updated Figure_9.24_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.25 updated Figure_9.25_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.26 updated Figure_9.26_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.27 updated Figure_9.27_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.28 updated Figure_9.28_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.29 updated Figure_9.29_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.30 updated Figure_9.30_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.31updated Figure_9.31_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.32 updated Figure_9.32_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.33 updated Figure_9.33_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.34 updated Figure_9.34_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.35 updated Figure_9.35_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.36 updated Figure_9.36_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.37 updated Figure_9.37_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 9.38 updated Figure_9.38_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 12.2 sheet 1 updated Figure_12.2_sheet_1_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 12.2 sheet 2 updated Figure_12.2_sheet_2_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 12.2 sheet 3 updated Figure_12.2_sheet_3_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 15.1 updated Figure_15.1_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 15.2 updated Figure_15.2_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 15.3 updated Figure_15.3_-_UPDATED.pdf
ES Figure 16.1 updated Figure_16.1_-_UPDATED.pdf
Environmental Statement non technical summary updated ES_NonTechnicalSummary_-_UPDATED.pdf
HTS Name: wphappdetail03-default.hts
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